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Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

An accident that causes a back injury can leave you with terrible pain and recurring physical problems. Damage to your back can take an especially long time to improve, and it can also result in pain and harm to other parts of your body over time. These injuries often keep people from work or school for much longer than one would assume, and you may have a very difficult time resuming activities that you once took for granted. Winning the compensation that you deserve after suffering a serious back injury will require a knowledgeable spinal cord injury lawyer who knows how to prove your injuries and the effect they will have on your life. At Paul Padda Law, we have decades of experience helping victims of accidents who are suffering from complex and chronic pain and disabilities. We know how to identify all of your injuries, and what it will take to secure the recovery and compensation that you deserve.

The Las Vegas personal injury attorneys at Paul Padda Law take the time to fully investigate every clients’ physical injuries, which allows us to fight for all the damages that they are entitled to. To speak with an experienced spinal cord and back injury lawyer, call us today at (702) 366-1888 or through our online form. We offer free initial consultations to discuss your options and take personal injury cases on a contingency basis, meaning there are no up-front costs. We are only paid after you recover compensation.


Back Injuries Can Cause Serious Harm

Your spinal column can be badly damaged if you sustain a significant collision or fall. This body part is made up of your spinal cord which is surrounded by segmented vertebrae bones that are separated by soft discs. The spinal cord is an important part of your nervous system that transmits sensory information between your brain and limbs. Damage to your spinal column can be very difficult to heal, and it can affect different limbs and organs throughout your body. Given the complexity of this part of your body, it can be hard to know exactly what damage you have suffered.

A spinal cord injury often requires years of treatment and rehabilitation. Obtaining damages from a negligent party requires having a back injury lawyer who understands the many ramifications of spinal cord damage. Issues of back pain after a car accident, or paralysis after a workplace fall, are unique in every case. Paul Padda Law has helped victims in many spinal cord injury cases.

Some of the different examples of back and spine injuries that we have seen include:


Your spinal cord can be crushed, dislocated, or severed in a serious accident. This can result in serious pain and many different ailments such as loss of sensation, paralysis, and even problems with various organs.


Back injuries can result in tears or damaging stretches to ligaments or muscles. These painful injuries can make even the most basic movements too painful to bear.


Discs that surround your spinal cord and rest between each vertebra can be ruptured, pinched, or slip out of place. These cases can reduce your muscle ability and cause great pain, and a damaged disc will degenerate and become much worse if not treated.


Being involved in a serious collision or fall can cause your head to snap back and forth, and this can overextend the muscles in your neck. Whiplash damage can take days to become evident, and the pain and stiffness often get worse over time.

Almost Every Type Of Accident Poses A Threat To Your Neck And Back

An experienced spinal cord injury attorney understands that almost any accident can cause harm to your neck and back. Every limb in your body is connected to your central nervous system by way of your spinal column. Therefore, damage to your back can cause additional ailments over time. For example, lower back pain after a car accident can cause a change to your walking pattern, and this can cause hip or knee problems down the road. To secure the compensation that you need often means finding an injury lawyer with considerable experience with spinal cord injury cases and how accidents can seriously damage your neck, back, and spine.

The legal team at Paul Padda Law have an extensive background assisting clients’ when accidents have resulted in serious back injuries. We understand how back pain and limited mobility can result from different types of accidents, even those that do not at first appear to involve harm to the victims’ backs.

Of the many ways from which you can suffer a back injury, some would include:

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Do Not Hesitate To Call Your Back Injury Lawyer

Back and spine injuries are complex, and a skilled back injury lawyer will have to consult with your medical professionals as well as expert witnesses if you are to recover the compensation you deserve. Our back injury lawyers know you are going through a lot and will take the time necessary to fully understand the damage done to you and the impact on your life. However, the statute of limitations for personal injury requires that your claim for damages be filed within two years, or else you might lose your ability to pursue compensation. There are exceptions to this rule, and one includes pausing this two-year window for injuries that are not clear at the time of your accident. Many back injuries take weeks or months to become evident, but your spine injury lawyer will understand how the statute of limitations will affect your case.

A Lawyer From Paul Padda Law Can Help You

Back injuries can last years or even be permanent, and the healing process will often require surgery and physical therapy, leading to long periods out of work and expensive medical costs. If your back or neck has been damaged in an accident, many aspects of your life will be affected. A skilled Las Vegas spinal cord injury lawyer from Paul Padda Law can help make sure that you get all of the care and compensation that you need during this difficult time. Do not hesitate to call our office for help. Back injuries do not heal like many other injuries, and they usually will get worse over time if not properly treated.

Paul Padda Law has helped countless clients who have been badly injured all across Nevada and consistently recognized for our compassion and ability to get results. To speak with an experienced and highly-motivated injury lawyer, call (702) 366-1888 today or submit the details of your injury online to schedule a free, no-risk consultation.

Back and Spinal Cord Injuries