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Hotel Accidents in Las Vegas

Millions of people travel to Las Vegas every year. With such a huge influx of visitors, it’s not surprising that hotel accidents are common.

Though owners, operators, and staff owe guests a duty to keep the premises safe, the failure to comply with their legal duties can lead to serious injuries. If you were hurt under such circumstances, it’s important to discuss your legal options with a Las Vegas hotel injury lawyer.

At Paul Padda Law, our team is committed to holding proper parties accountable when their negligent acts or misconduct causes harm to victims. Your injuries take a toll, so we’re prepared to fight for you to obtain the compensation you deserve. To schedule a free consultation with a Las Vegas premises liability lawyer, call us today at (702) 366-1888, or reach out through the online form.


Hotel injury compensation is available for victims under premises liability laws, which impose a duty on certain parties to adequately maintain their property. These cases are based upon negligence, which means you need to prove specific elements:

  • Duty – A hotel is legally obligated to exercise reasonable care in operating its business and protecting guests from foreseeable accidents.
  • Breach of Duty – The failure to comply with this legal duty may occur because the hotel failed to inspect the premises, didn’t make repairs to dangerous conditions, or made irresponsible decisions in hiring staff.
  • Causation – There must be a direct link between the breach of duty and your hotel injuries, such that you wouldn’t have been hurt but for the breach.
  • Damages – You must be able to prove that you suffered damages as a result of getting hurt in a hotel accident.

Beyond these essential elements, there are a few factors that make hotel accidents complex. For one, multiple parties could be liable for a hotel slip and fall or related incident, including the owner, management company, event promoters, security company, and many more. In addition:

  • Your right to recover compensation may be affected by the concept of notice. Hotels are responsible for remedying dangerous conditions when staff knew or should have known about the hazards.
  • Hotels are responsible for ensuring your safety in multiple private and common areas, including your room, the parking lot, fitness center, swimming pools, spa, convention space, and many other locations.
  • The hotel’s liability is limited if your own actions contribute to the accident which caused your injuries. For instance, if you slip and fall in a hotel bathroom because you didn’t clean up a spill, your compensation amount may be reduced.

There are many other important factors when attempting to recover monetary damages in a premises liability case, especially considering that multi-million dollar Las Vegas properties have large legal departments to fight your claim. Trust a hotel injury attorney to pursue the responsible parties to get the compensation you deserve.

Common Hotel Injury Scenarios

Many different circumstances can lead to a hotel injury, including:

  • A hotel slip and fall due to construction equipment, debris, cleaning supplies, and other obstacles
  • Hotel bed bugs and pest infestations in dirty linens or furniture
  • Hotel food poisoning at restaurants, bars, banquet halls, and convention areas
  • Injuries resulting from criminal activity, which may occur due to negligent hotel security
  • Hotel swimming pool liability, often from failure to post signage
  • An accident in a hotel room from conditions unrelated to your own conduct, such as broken furniture, unsecured balcony railings, or faulty window latches

What to Do if You Get Hurt at a Hotel

Following any accident, your priority is your health, so seek proper medical treatment for your hotel injuries. Delays could lead to more extensive injuries and longer recovery times. Plus, your claim for hotel injury compensation could be adversely affected, because the impression is that you weren’t hurt badly. Depending on the circumstances and severity of your injuries, you should also undertake such tasks as:

  • Photographing the scene of the accident
  • Talking to witnesses
  • Capturing video, such as bed bugs or dangerous conditions in your room
  • Jotting down notes about how the accident happened
  • Contacting the police, if your injuries were a result of criminal activity

How to Sue a Hotel for Injury

Though you can trust your hotel injury attorney to handle your claim, you may find it helpful to learn how these cases work. In most situations, you’ll file a claim with the hotel’s property insurance company. Many claims are resolved through hotel injury and slip and fall settlements, without the need to go to court.

However, if you cannot reach a settlement with the insurance company, you may need to file a lawsuit to seek monetary damages. There are multiple forms of compensation available for your losses, including:

  • Medical bills and costs of treatment
  • Lost wages, if you cannot work because of your hotel injuries
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Losses based upon your relationships
  • Decreased quality of life

At Paul Padda Law, we’re more than your lawyers. We’re the allies you want to help set things right.

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