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Las Vegas Bus Accident Lawyers

We use public and private buses every day across Nevada, but these large vehicles are not exempt from serious, injury-causing accidents.

We use public and private buses every day across Nevada. Whether you are traveling to school or going on a trip to another city, buses make our lives easier. Unlike passenger car accidents, a bus accident can result in widespread damage and could hurt or even kill a lot of people. A bus accident can be chaotic, and you might not be sure what steps to take after you or a loved one are hurt. These wrecks are handled very differently than normal car accidents. There are various government regulations to consider, and the parties involved are usually large corporations or municipal governments. That’s why you need an experienced bus accident lawyer working for you if you are to recover what’s necessary.

At Paul Padda Law, we understand how the Nevada legal process handles bus accidents. We take the time to learn about what you are going through, and will pursue everything you deserve from the negligent party. To speak with a skilled Las Vegas accident lawyer about your bus accident, call Paul Padda Law today at (702) 366-1888. You may also submit the details of your bus accident online to schedule a free, no-risk consultation.


Bus Accident Cases Are Very Different Than Other Car Accidents

Just like any serious car wreck, a Las Vegas bus crash can be deadly. However, these cases are usually much more complex than normal car accidents. Buses are heavily regulated by state and federal governments. Commercial buses that are privately owned and operated are subject to regulatory oversight by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Your bus accident attorney will have to be very familiar with the rules and requirements of the FMCSA if you are in an accident involving one of these busses. Additionally, school bus accident settlements are also greatly affected by other regulatory bodies, including the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). No matter what type of bus case you have, it will likely be impacted by state and federal regulations, meant to oversee the following:

  • Bus driver training and licensing
  • Hours of service for bus drivers, and record keeping of driving times
  • Driver score system that is meant to quickly remove dangerous drivers from the road
  • Vehicle maintenance standards
  • Process for removing dangerous vehicles from service
  • Bus company accountability for bad drivers or vehicles
  • Steps that must be taken in an accident or other emergency

Given the intricacy of bus accident cases, your lawyer needs a vast knowledge of the bus industry and how they are regulated. For example, a school bus accident lawyer must understand how passengers come to be injured in these types of collisions and what requirements are in place to keep children safe. A lawyer who only works on passenger car accident cases may not know how to establish all the damages you may be entitled to. Over the years, the knowledgeable legal team with Paul Padda Law has helped many bus accident victims acquire the care they need and recover the compensation they deserve.

The Causes of Bus Accidents In Nevada

As with any other serious vehicle wreck, a bus accident can catch you completely off guard. While bus crashes often happen on busy highways, they also frequently involve pedestrians walking near stop-and-go traffic on city streets. There are tens of thousands of people injured in bus accidents every year in the United States, and every bus crash in Las Vegas and throughout Nevada is unique.

Some of the most common reasons for these wrecks have included:

  • The driver was intoxicated, under the influence of strong medication, or falling asleep at the wheel.
  • The driver was using their phone or being distracted by their passengers.
  • The bus company failed to properly train the driver.
  • The road was in bad condition and damaged the vehicle, or caused the driver to lose control.
  • Proper bus maintenance was not performed.
  • A negligent third party collided with the bus or caused a collision by some other means.

Proving exactly what happened after a bus crash will be essential if you are to secure what you need to recuperate and recover financial compensation from the negligent party. To do this, Paul Padda Law is ready to walk you through the legal process and analyze everything involved in your case. In addition to police reports and medical records, this may include other evidence like maintenance logs, driver background records, and accident reconstruction data.

At Paul Padda Law, we’re more than your lawyers. We’re the allies you want to help set things right.

Recovering the Compensation and Everything Else You Need

From the beginning, we will strive to ensure that you get the necessary medical attention and care to effectively deal with life after your accident. The injury lawyers at Paul Padda Law have decades of negotiation and trial experience to better serve the accident victims in our care. The negligent bus company in your case might have an insurance provider, unwilling to pay out what’s right to help with your injuries. However, we have successfully negotiated with many insurance providers, and we will aggressively leverage our trial background, so you receive maximum compensation. Many bus accident cases also involve municipal governments with one or more reckless employees who caused your accident. Collecting from a city government can be difficult, but Paul Padda Law is fully capable of helping you recover financial damages, which may include:

  • Medical bills
  • Future medical and therapy expenses
  • Lost wages from work
  • Lost future earning capacity due to your injury
  • Training expenses for new employment
  • Pain and emotional suffering
  • Necessary modifications to your home, vehicle, and place of employment

Paul Padda Law Can Help After A Serious Bus Accident

Bus accidents kill and injure people every day, and the victims are often acting responsibly at the time of the accident. Your injuries might be severe, and you may not know how you will return to life as normal. Finding the right commercial or school bus accident attorney is very important. These cases can be extremely complicated, highly technical, and very different than normal car accident lawsuits. Paul Padda Law knows how to help you through every step in your pursuit of justified bus accident compensation. Our firm’s detailed approach to helping accident victims has allowed for us to recover certain damages that many other attorneys might miss.

Do not delay and contact Paul Padda Law immediately to speak with an experienced Las Vegas bus accident lawyer. Call us at (702) 366-1888 or contact us online. We offer free, initial consultations and there will be no up-front costs associated with your case. We are only paid when we win your case.

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