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The Recovery Team

Whether you walk through the front door of our offices or whether we meet in your hospital room or your home, rest assured that we’re here to listen, understand your situation, and fight to secure your future. At our firm, each and every client matters. We are committed to your total physical, emotional and financial recovery.

Client satisfaction and the aggressive pursuit of a just recovery in your case are our top priorities. We want you to feel respected, to be well-informed about the process and secure in feeling you’ve made the right choice. We are here for you, to be your voice and help you reclaim what you lost. We take this responsibility seriously. It’s our mission to ensure clients are not rushed into inadequate settlements or dissuaded by unfair denials. Let us be your champions in helping you get the best possible outcome in your case.

At Paul Padda Law, our team is comprised of a variety of legal professionals. When you become a client of this firm, your case will be worked on by attorneys, paralegals, case managers, legal assistants and specialists, all of whom are dedicated to helping you achieve maximum justice. We take a “team approach” to handling cases. What this means is that, at any given time, there will be a number of people working on your case. This collabortive approach allows us to achieve the best results for our clients.

Agustin Tovar

Intake Specialist

Agustin is a valued member of the Intake & Client Relations Department at Paul Padda Law. As an Intake Specialist, he plays an integral part in speaking with clients, answering their questions and working closely with attorneys at the initial stages of every case.

A sharp dresser, Agustin bring a winning attitude to the workplace where his personality and charisma put clients at instant ease. He understands that for many of the firm’s clients, the process of dealing with the legal system can be both intimidating and stressful. For this reason, Agustin strives to ensure that every new client at the firm fully understands the process, feels at ease and gets the best possible representation at the commencement of each new case. As an Intake Specialist, Agustin plays an integral role in ensuring that every new client commences their journey with the firm knowing they’ve come to the right place.

A Las Vegas native, Agustin loves all the city has to offer, including its colorful history. For this reason, you can often find him at the Mob Museum or at his favorite piano bar downtown. When he’s not working, Agustin enjoys traveling, spending time with his family and friends and attending concerts.

Amber Gomez

Disbursement Specialist

Amber Gomez is a Disbursement Specialist in the Accounting & Operations Department of Paul Padda Law. A part of the Disbursement Team, Amber ensures that when a case is resolved, all bills, expenses and monies owed to the client are fully accounted for. Her job requires attention to detail and actively negotiating with insurance companies and medical providers to ensure that a client’s bills are reduced as much as possible.

Amber is committed to helping each client achieve and receive maximum compensation. She understands that when people get injured, they want a law firm in their corner that will help them get great results and quickly.

When she’s not busy working to help clients, Amber enjoys spending quality time with family and friends.

Arelice Parra

Senior Paralegal

Arelice is a Senior Paralegal in the Litigation Department at Paul Padda Law.  A graduate of UNLV with a degree in finance, Arelice brings a winning attitude to work every day and puts her strong intellect to work on behalf of clients.  She enjoys working in the legal field because it presents an opportunity to make a positive impact in another person’s life.  After all, people come to lawyers for help.  As a Senior Paralegal at Paul Padda Law, handling both criminal and immigration matters, Arelice uses her skills and knowledge every day to make a real impact in clients’ lives.  In turn, clients appreciate Arelice for her professionalism and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Given the intensity and stress of the legal profession, Arelice enjoys relaxing during her downtime by watching mindless television shows such as “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and “90-day Fiancé.”  And when she’s not watching television, Arelice enjoys spending time with friends, family, attending concerts and wine tastings.

Bianca Gonzalez

Case Manager

Bianca is a Case Manager in the Pre-Litigation Department of Paul Padda Law. As part of the Treatment Team, Bianca ensures that clients receive the medical care and attention they need to achieve physical recovery. A “people person” with a cheerful personality, Bianca puts clients at ease by allowing them to know they are in good hands and with the right law firm. Her goal is to make each client feel confident in her expertise and committment to their case.

The most satisfying part of her job is when she can put a check in a client’s hand knowing they have received fair and just compensation. It’s for this reason Bianca loves working in a premiere personal injury law firm.

When she’s not working, Bianca enjoys hanging out with friends, exploring escape rooms, and watching true crime documentaries. If she could change one thing in the world, it would be to end all forms of discrimination which would help foster a more peaceful and just society.

Cindy Juarez Villa

Case Manager

Cindy is a Case Manager in the Pre-Litigation Department and part of the Treatment Team. A dedicated professional, Cindy understands that clients come to the firm seeking help under the most stressful of situations. For this reason, she dedicates all her efforts at ensuring clients are properly communicated with, that they understand the process towards recovery and that they feel listened to. We can’t change the fact that an accident happened, but we can work towards helping clients achieve recovery. Cindy plays an important role in that process.

A native of Las Vegas, Cindy enjoys spending her free time with family and friends.

Claudia Vasquez-Smith


Claudia is a Paralegal in the firm’s Litigation Department. After having previously worked in the real estate industry, Claudia joined the firm bringing with her a keen eye for detail and documentation. She excels at ensuring that personal injury files are properly handled and that clients have a good understanding of the process.

Claudia works with the firm’s attorneys in ensuring filings are made on time, that strategies are properly implemented and that client’s receive top-notch representation throughout the litigation journey. She enjoys working in the Litigation Department because of the fast-pace of work and the mental challenges associated with the nature of the work.

A native of Burbank, California, Claudia misses the gentle summers of her native state but loves all that Las Vegas and Nevada have to offer. When she’s not busy working, Claudia enjoys cooking, spending time with her family and friends and enjoying the wonderful restaurants in our city.

Claudine Sanchez

Executive Assistant

Claudine is Executive Assistant to the firm’s Chief Operations Officer Patty Davidson. Claudine assists with a number of different operational tasks to ensure the smooth functioning of the firm. She brings her organizational skills and “can-do” attitude to work every day to help make the firm function better and more efficiently.

Claudine loves her job at Paul Padda Law because she is part of a dedicated team of professionals that work hard to help people. She understands that people come to the firm seeking help during some of the darkest periods of their life. For this reason, Claudine understands the firm must always function smoothly so that all of its staff can focus on their core mission – helping clients acheive recovery.

Outside of work, Claudine enjoys spending time with her husband, kids and grandbabies. She is also passionate about improving the healthcare system and making society a safer place for everyone.

Daisy Corral

Case Manager

Daisy is a Case Manager in the Pre-Litigation Department and part of the Treatment Team. Blessed with a cheerful personality, Daisy puts her clients at ease by listening to their concerns, helping them understand the process of recovery and working with the lawyers at Paul Padda Law to get the clients the best possible results. When it comes to getting results, Daisy understands that the key to helping clients is making sure they understand the importance of complying with medical directives.

Before joining Paul Padda Law, Daisy worked in property management in South Dakota. She is used to handling stressful situations and being a problem solver. She loves her position at the firm because, in her own words she can “make a real difference in people’s lives.”

When she’s not at work, Daisy enjoys spending time with her husband and baby daughter. A native of Las Vegas, Daisy also enjoys all the wonderful amenities of southern Nevada.

Denia Henriquez

Senior Case Manager

Denia is a Senior Case Manager in the Pre-Litigation Department. She leads the Demands & Records Team where her responsibilities include helping to manage the negotiation process with insurance companies. Having worked in the personal injury field for many years, Denia brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the firm. In addition to her “team lead” responsibilities, she handles a wide variety of personal injury cases at the pre-litigation stage. She is responsible for ensuring that cases progress efficiently and with an eye toward capturing maximum compensation for the firm’s clients.

Blessed with a positive attitude and a cheerful personality, Denia brings a winning attitude to every case she handles. As a Senior Case Manager, she is often assigned some of the more complex and challenging cases that come to the office.

Denia is a proud native of Las Vegas. When she’s not working, she enjoys spending time with her husband and beautiful daughters.

Elia Barrientos

Senior Paralegal

Elia is a seasoned and skilled legal professional with several years of experience working in the legal field. As a Senior Paralegal handling litigation files in the Litigation Department of Paul Padda Law, Elia works closely with the attorneys to formulate winning strategies and execute plans of action to achieve maximum results for clients.

As a member of the Litigation Department at the firm, Elia routinely reviews medical records, works on legal filings and confers with attorneys about how best to position a case for success. She is also a trusted liaison for clients to get a better understanding of the litigation process. Her down-to-earth personality puts clients at ease.

Elia hails from Houston, Texas, known for its mouthwatering brisket – a delicacy she proudly boasts about. Embracing the vibrant energy of Las Vegas, Elia also finds solace in the city’s proximity to scenic hiking trails, which are a perfect escape from the legal hustle and bustle of her job. Her passion for exploration extends beyond the courtroom as she seeks adventure through frequent travels – even if those travels are just a few minutes away from the city.

Emily Sarabia

Case Manager

Emily is a Case Manager in the New Client Team of the firm’s Pre-Litigation Department. Her job duties including ensuring that client files are complete before they are transferred to the Treatment Team. This requires Emily to investigate insurance coverage, contact medical providers and reguarlaly communicate with clients.

In Emily’s role, attention to detail is important. For this reason, she ensures that every client file is properly documented with the proper information so the Treatment Team can help the client achieve maximum recovery. At Paul Padda Law, every case passes through various phases and teams – all of which are designed to give the client excellent customer service and results. Emily loves her job because it allows her to make a difference in clients’ lives.

A native of Ecuador, Emily loves living in southern Nevada. She enjoys the fact that Las Vegas is a world-class city with both urban and outdoor amenities that make it a fun place to live all year-round.

Jacqueline Ochoa

Case Manager

Jackie Ochoa, also affectionately referred to as “Jackie O” by her colleagues, is a valued part of Paul Padda Law. As a Case Manager in the Pre-Litigation Department and a member of the New Client Team, Jackie plays an important part in ensuring that every client matter gets the attention it deserves. Blessed with a million dollar smile, Jackie understands the importance of putting clients at ease with the knowledge that they will receive the best possible legal representation.

Whether its dealing with insurance adjusters, answering client questions or interacting with the firm’s attorney’s Jackie excels at all of it. She loves her work and shows that through her positive attitude which she brings to work on a daily basis.

When she’s not working, Jackie is a dedicated mother to her children and enjoys spending family time enjoying all that Las Vegas has to offer.

Kenia Esquer

Intake Specialist

Kenia is an Intake Specialist and part of the Intake & Client Relations Department at Paul Padda Law. With a welcoming personality, Kenia serves as the initial point of contact for many clients on their recovery journey. She gathers essential information to initiate and open cases, speaks routinely with the firm’s attorneys about cases and helps build the foundation for a client’s success.

A valued member of the Paul Padda Law team, Kenia brings an attitute of gratitude to work. She understands the stressful situations clients often face and, therefore, has the perspective and experience to properly guide them. Kenia is smart, resourceful and compassionate. She understands that, while the firm cannot help every client, it should strive to be a community resource. For this reason, when Paul Padda Law cannot represent somone inquiring about legal representation, she will refer that person to another attorney who might be abe to help. She loves her job because “every day is an opportunity to hear a different story and potentially help someone.”

When Kenia’s not helping people contacting the firm, she enjoys spending time with her family. She loves Las Vegas for all it has to offer, especially the tranquility of Lake Mead. Her most cherished moments, however, are with her children who are a source of tremendous joy.

Lisa Jones

Financial Specialist

Lisa is Financial Specialist in the Accounting & Operations Department of Paul Padda Law. An integral part of the firm’s “back office” operations, Lisa helps ensure the smooth functioning of the firm. With a background in law firm financial operations, Lisa is a valued part of the Paul Padda Law team. Among her many duties, she helps ensure that client funds are properly accounted for and that proper policies and procedures are followed to hep the firm operate efficiently.

Lisa is a northern Nevada transplant to Las Vegas. Although she misses the natural beauty of northern Nevada, including the much more temperate summer months, she enjoys the robust urban energy of Las Vegas with its endless restaurants, world-class entertainment and sports. When she’s not busy at work, Lisa enjoys spending time with her husband, travelling and enjoying all that Las Vegas has to offer.

Maria Alfaro

Legal Assistant

Maria is a Legal Assistant in the Pre-Litigation Department of the firm and is assigned to the Demands & Records Team. As a Legal Assistant, Maria handles the important task of gathering medical records and ensuring that client files are complete before attorneys at the firm commence their negotiations with insurance companies.

Maria enjoys working in the legal field because it provides an opportunity to help people often dealing with significant issues. Working in a personal injury firm, Maria understands the importance of ensuring that client matters are handled professionally and with a commitment to excellence. With great organizational skills and an eye for details, Maria is a valued part of the Demands & Records Team at Paul Padda Law.

When Maria’s not busy at work, you can find her enjoying her free time with family and friends. And, depending on the time of year, you’ll also find her enjoying the sounds at EDC. In addition to excelling at her duties at Paul Padda Law, Maria is the law firm’s resident expert on the techno music scene.

Mary Garcia-Ruiz

Financial Specialist

Mary is a dedicated member of our Accounting & Operations Department where she serves as a Financial Specialist. Originally from Houtson, Texas, Mary now enjoys the milder weather of Las Vegas. At Paul Padda Law, Mary assists with financial operations, ensuring the firm’s ability to achieve favorable outcomes for its clients. Motivated by her love for the law and a desire to contribute to a just society, she plays a crucial role in maintaining the firm’s financial health.

Outside of work, Mary values time with friends and family, finding relaxation and balance in these interactions. She is driven by a vision of a world where peace and respect are commonplace, reflecting her personal and professional values. With a professional background of having worked in the law for many years, and in different capacities (including as an immigration paralegal), Mary is a valued part of the Paul Padda Law team.

Mireya Ruiz

Case Manager

Mireya is a Case Manager and part of the firm’s Treatment Team in the Pre-Litigation Department. Originally from the peaceful town of Durango, Mexico, Mireya brings a calm and focused demeanor to her role at the firm. As a Case Manager, she ensures clients attend their treatments, that medical providers are responsive to the clients’ needs and that each file is handled properly. She routinely calls her clients to ensure they feel supported throughout their journey of recovery. According to Mireya, the best part of her job is “helping clients get justice” and being their “recovery advocate.” In this important role, Mireya works with the lawyers in the firm to ensure succeess for each client.

In her downtime, Mireya enjoys walks, spending time with friends and family and her favorite local hangout – the Hamburger Hut. A transplant to Las Vegas, she loves the city’s diverse array of restaurants, bars, shows and entertainment options.

Mohareb Dipp Ramos

Case Consultant

Mohareb is a Case Consultant at Paul Padda Law assisting in immigration and criminal cases. A first-generation immigrant to the United States, Mohareb was a licensed attorney in Nicaragua with a successful law practice before his arrival in the United States. Given his personal background as an immigrant himself, Mohareb fully understands the challenges and stress clients face navigating the legal system.

Mohareb joined Paul Padda Law with a passion and commitment to helping fellow immigrants. He brings a wealth of knowledge to his position, not to mention a positive and winning personality. He works hard to ensure that clients’ cases are handled properly and that clients are well-informed about the process.

When he’s not busy working, Mohareb enjoys spending time with his family and friends and reading various books in order to broaden his knowledge base.

Nayely Delgado

Senior Case Manager

Nayely is a Senior Case Manager in the Pre-Litigation Department of Paul Padda Law where she leads the New Client Team. She is a consummate professional dedicated to helping clients get on the road to recovery.  A hard worker, she partners with an entire team of professionals at Paul Padda Law to ensure the best possible results for clients.  In turn, clients love Nayely for her warm personality, her excellent work ethic, and her commitment to achieving justice on their behalf.  Nayely loves her work because of the daily challenges involved with ensuring people that have suffered hardship and injury are properly compensated.  Whether communicating with clients or medical offices, Nayely has a can-do attitude and is always committed to doing a great job for her clients.

Nayely was born and raised in Las Vegas. When she’s not busy at work, she enjoys downtime by relaxing through hiking, hot yoga, and spending time at the pool with family as well as friends.  She loves Las Vegas for its 24/7 atmosphere and its diversity of people.

Patricia Davidson

Chief Operations Officer

Patty Davidson is the Chief Operating Officer of Paul Padda Law. In this important role, Patty overseas many aspects of the firm. A gifted multi-tasker, Patty has deep and extensive knowledge in accounting, software and law firm operations. Her job is to help ensure the smooth operations of the law firm. Prior to joining the firm, Patty was the CEO of Profitboosters, a company dedicated to helping law firms with their accounting and operational needs. She has also previously served as the Executive Director of the Clark County Bar Association. In these various roles, she is well-known and respected in the legal community.

Patty enjoys her role at Paul Padda Law because it allows her to make a difference in other people’s lives. According to Patty, “the ability to play a positive role in helping someone that has been injured is gratifying and meaningful and makes coming to work feel like a mission rather than just a job.” As the COO of the firm, Patty works closely with staff and attorneys making sure they have the tools and platform to execute at the highest level.

Originally from Missouri, Patty has lived in Las Vegas for more than 30-years and considers Las Vegas home in every respect. Having witnessed first-hand the transformation of Las Vegas into a world-class city, Patty is most excited about the professional sports scene that has arrived in southern Nevada, including the Las Vegas Aces basketball team. An avid sports bettor, Patty hosts her own podcast and website in her spare time helping others learn about sports betting.

Paul Cruz

Senior Case Manager

Paul Cruz is a Senior Case Manager in the firm’s Pre-Litigation Department. He specializes in handling property damage claims for our clients. In that capacity, he plays a crucial role in guiding clients through car repairs or total loss claims. Originally from the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, a place known for its vibrant Christmas celebrations, Paul now enjoys Las Vegas’s lively scene, particularly the live music scene at the Brooklyn Bowl. Paul’s daily tasks involve client intakes, translating for Spanish speakers, and document notarization, all aimed at providing efficient client service and easing their recovery process.

Paul’s extensive education includes a PhD in Puerto Rican & Caribbean History, a BBA in Marketing, and certifications in Digital Humanities and Afro-Latin American Studies. He’s also pursuing a Paralegal Studies certification, enhancing his ability to navigate and explain legal systems to the firm’s diverse clientele.

In his free time, Paul enjoys reading, gardening, boxing, and podcasting. He advocates for economic equality and enjoys working closely with his team to deliver excellent client outcomes. His dedication makes him a key asset to the Paul Padda Law team.

Sarah Rincon-Mendoza

Controller / Human Resources Director

Sarah leads the Accounting & Operations Department at Paul Padda Law where she is responsible for a number of financial and human resource matters. Originally from Houston, Texas, the home of NASA’s Johnson Space Center, Sarah brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to her position at the firm. In her current role, Sarah manages cash flow, processes payroll and handles all the other things that make the firm’s “back office” operations function smoothly.

With over 20-years of accounting experience, Sarah is well-equipped for her position. She especially enjoys working for a personal injury law firm because of its dedication to help people. Her favorite part of the job is when settlement funds arrive and are ready to be distributed to the client. Sarah’s deep accounting background and professioanl attitude make her a trusted and valuable part of the Paul Padda Law team.

In her downtime, Sarah enjoys resting, taking vacations to explore other countries and making trips back to her hometown of Houston, Texas.

Stacey Keels

Financial Specialist

Stacey is a member of the Accounting & Operations Department of the law firm where she serves as a Financial Specialist. Originally from Orange County, California, Stacey brings her vibrant energy and dedication to her work everyday. Clients and colleagues alike appreciate Stacey for her warm and friendly personality and commitment to making a positive impact on others. As part of her job duties, Stacey is responsible for handling a number of financial matters that ensure the vitality of the firm, this includes working with vendors, handling client distributions and negotiating medical liens. No matter what the task, Stacey brings a calm, professional and warm attitude to her work.

In her spare time, Stacey unwinds by enjoying sports, including serving as part of the security team at the Las Vegas Raiders. If you find yourself at the Allegiant Stadium during the NFL season, there’s a good chance you’ll bump into Stacey.

Yadira Nevarez

Client Relations Specialist

Yadira works in the Intake & Client Releations Department of Paul Padda Law where she often is the first point of contact for the firm. Blessed with a winning smile, Yadira always comes to work with a positive attitude and dedication to justice.  She understands that clients deserve the best possible customer service and she strives to ensure the firm provides it to each client.  In practical terms, this means she listens to clients’ concerns and anxieties and helps ensure the firm matches their expectations when it comes to providing first-class legal services. A client advocate, Yadira makes sure the firm addresses each client’s needs and that clients receive exceptional customer service.

When she’s not busy working, Yadira enjoys spending time with her family.  A fan of CrossFit, Yadira loves working out and enjoying all that Las Vegas has to offer.

Yesenia Ontiveros


Yesenia is the firm’s Receptionist and is part of the Intake & Client Outreach Department. She has the responsibility of ensuring clients feel welcomed when they arrive at the firm. A multi-tasker, Yesenia is a valued member of the Paul Padda Law team. As the firm’s dedicated Receptionist, her duties include managing all incoming calls, greeting clients, handling mail and being the first point of contact at Paul Padda Law. Despite the stressful nature of her job, Yesenia always projects a confident, positive and warm personality.

Yesenia is a dedicated professional and understands that clients, often under stress and anxiety from an accident, need to feel comfortable when they come to a law firm. She also understands that the purpose of a personal injury law firm is to help clients feel assured and respected. A consummate professional, Yesenia is a valued member of the Paul Padda Law team.

When she’s not busy working, Yesenia enjoys spending time with family, friends and enjoying the scenic beauty of southern Nevada.

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