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Do not wait to contact a lawyer after being in a serious car accident.

A skilled and compassionate Las Vegas car accident lawyer can help ensure that you and your family have everything you need after a devastating car wreck. At Paul Padda Law, our car accident lawyers have helped countless victims, and we understand that you might have been doing everything right, and your life can still be turned upside down by a reckless driver. Knowing when to get an attorney for a car accident is the first step in making sure that you receive all the compensation that you deserve and are given a real chance to completely recover.

Our accident attorneys have decades of experience working for victims injured in car accidents and helping them through the legal process after a crash. We also approach every case with the mindset that you need a dedicated and aggressive voice to get results. For these reasons, Paul Padda Law has consistently been ranked as one of the best car accident attorneys in Las Vegas.

Do not wait to contact a lawyer after being in a car accident. You need to start the recovery process as soon as possible, and the team at Paul Padda Law knows how to help you and your family. Call us today at (702) 366-1888 or submit the details of your car accident online. We will be in touch as soon as possible to schedule a free initial consultation at our office. We also handle car accidents on a contingency basis, meaning you don’t owe a dime until we win.

Car Accidents Are Very Common In Las Vegas

There are thousands of car accidents every year in the Las Vegas area. The Nevada Department of Transportation states that over 1,300 serious injuries result from motor vehicle wrecks every year and hundreds of these collisions result in death. A devastating accident can happen on a busy street like Flamingo Road, on Interstate 15, or close to home in your neighborhood. Even though an accident on a slow road may seem less dangerous than those on a fast pace highway, these crashes are just as deadly.

Auto accident attorney Paul Padda has more than 20 years of experience helping victims of car accidents all across Las Vegas and its surrounding areas. Our law firm knows that you will not be able to recover the compensation that you deserve if we do not determine exactly what happened in your accident.

The most common types of car accidents that we have see include:

Our accident attorneys have also encountered crashes with many different types of motor vehicles. Some of the most common vehicles that we see cars have accidents with are:

Truck Accidents

Due to the size difference between semi-trucks and regular automobiles, truck accidents often result in serious injuries. These accidents frequently happen on the busy highways throughout Las Vegas, but regularly happen on surface streets as well. Our motor vehicle accident attorneys are experienced with all types of accidents and can assist you if you were in an accident with a truck.

Motorcycle Accidents

Being in a devastating bike accident may be followed by the other side unfairly seeking to reduce their liability by arguing that you were negligent. We understand how important it is for you to receive financial recovery during this time, and we know how to secure the help you need as quickly as possible.

Bicycle Accidents

Cyclists have legal rights to travel around town or long distances throughout Nevada. We will not let a negligent or careless party avoid paying you the compensation that you deserve.

Pedestrian Accidents

Unsuspecting pedestrians are often killed or injured by vehicles in Nevada. We have helped many clients recover the damages they require after these needless and horrific accidents.

Bus Accidents

People are badly injured every day in bus accidents on major highways or city streets. Paul Padda Law can help you whether you have been injured by a privately owned commercial bus or a municipally owned or operated a public bus.

Postal Driver Accidents

These types of accidents are very common, but unfortunately, many lawyers are not well-versed in recovering damages in accidents caused by government employees. Your lawyer must know how parcel or postal injury cases proceed through the legal system.

No matter what kind of vehicular accident you were in, our Las Vegas attorneys can help. If you were injured in an auto accident, contact us today to schedule a free, no-risk consultation at our office 702-366-1888.

Injuries From Car Accidents Can Be Severe And Long Lasting

It can take months or years for you to physically recover from a bad car wreck, and many car accident injuries will affect a victim for life. Many minor collisions, such as fender-benders, will result in increasingly painful and debilitating ailments. Furthermore, your injuries might not be evident in the hours and days immediately following your accident. What might seem like something minor could be a serious injury. We often see this with brain injuries from car accidents, which may not seem obvious to a car accident victim, but still account for 52% of all traumatic brain injuries. It is vital to work with an accident attorney who knows how to fully evaluate your situation and document the extent of your injuries and your ongoing pain and suffering.

Some of the common car accident injuries people sustain may include:

  • Broken and fractured bones
  • Muscle and tendon tears, sprains, and strains
  • Cuts and lacerations
  • Damaged internal organs
  • Amputations
  • Back and neck injuries
  • Head injuries and brain damage
  • Spinal cord injuries and nervous system injuries

The car accident attorneys at Paul Padda Law take the time to consult with medical professionals to fully understand how an injury will affect a victim. This gives us a clear understanding of all the needs someone will have over the years following a devastating wreck. Your medical professionals will be able to help you get better over the months and years after an accident, but your accident attorney must be able to show how your injuries will impact your life if you are to recover what you need.

Securing Compensation Damages After an Accident

Many people think that the insurance companies involved in a car accident, especially their own insurance provider, are there to help them. However, this is typically not the case. Virtually, every insurance company with a client involved in a car crash is trying to reduce their liability to pay damages. Therefore, we strongly urge you not to accept any payment or offer from an insurance company after your accident until you discuss your case with your Las Vegas car accident attorney.

You need a settlement offer that is sufficient to cover all of your injuries and damages after an auto accident. From the very beginning, your lawyer will strive to show that the other party was negligent, their negligence caused your accident, and that your injuries were the result of the accident. This might seem straightforward, but the insurance companies involved will fight hard to keep from paying you any more than absolutely necessary. Your accident lawyer must know how to build a strong case for your benefit. With more than 30 years of combined legal experience, the attorneys at Paul Padda Law will clearly define all of your injuries and needs in order to win the damages that you deserve. We know how to negotiate with insurance providers, and they understand that we will not shy away from going to court on your behalf if they do not offer you the compensation that you need.

You may be entitled to compensation for many things such as:

  • Medical expenses including future surgery and therapy costs
  • Lost wages and future lost earnings
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Pain and suffering
  • Property damages

After an accident, the other driver’s insurance company is likely to contact you regarding the crash. As employees of insurance companies, insurance adjusters often ask people questions soon after a car accident with one goal in mind: to pay accident victims as little as possible. That’s why it’s important to watch what you say when an insurance adjuster contacts you after your accident. Some questions accident victims frequently ask when dealing with car insurance companies are:

What should I do if an insurance adjuster calls me after my car accident?

Be polite, but don’t give them any information about the accident. Simply tell the insurance adjuster you plan on getting an attorney who can speak to him. If you have hired an attorney, you have already taken an important step in protecting your rights. Give the adjuster your attorney’s name and phone number and decline to answer any other questions. Remember, anything you say to an insurance adjuster could be used against you by the insurance company. And insurance companies are often focused on one thing: paying accident victims as little as possible.

Do I have to talk to an insurance adjuster after my auto accident?

No. You can say you plan on retaining an attorney or give the adjuster your lawyer’s name and phone number if you already have one. Politely decline to answer any more questions.

Do I have to accept an insurance company’s first offer for my car accident?

No. Insurance companies often make “low ball” offers to car accident victims. They do so because they know most people will simply accept the first offer. The problem is insurance companies often offer people far less than the true cost of a car accident. That’s why many people negotiate with insurance companies for more money. It’s not easy to do so, but it’s worth it in the end.

Will insurance companies pay for my injuries from the car accident?

In theory, yes. The insurance company for the driver who caused your auto accident should pay your medical expenses, car repair bill and other accident-related expenses. Depending on the nature of your accident, other people or companies may also be responsible for paying for your accident. For instance, what if the car that caused the accident was negligently manufactured or repaired? You may have a claim against a third party.

Should I hire a lawyer to deal with insurance companies after my auto accident?

Yes. Insurance companies and their attorneys can be difficult to deal with after an accident. We know how to handle them and get our clients the money they rightfully deserve. If necessary, we can even help you file a personal injury lawsuit against an insurance company to make sure you’re fairly compensated. You have too much at stake to not hire an experienced car accident attorney who will fight for the money you rightfully deserve.

Property Damage in a Car Accident Case

In addition to damages for your injuries and lost wages, you may be able to recover compensation for property damages as well. A Las Vegas property damage attorney can evaluate your situation and see if you are eligible for money as a result of damages to the following:

  • Your vehicle
  • Your phone, computer, and other electronics
  • Items inside your car
  • Personal belongings that were in your car

A property damage claim would include anything that was inside your car and was damaged beyond repair. You may even be able to recover for the cost of repairs to certain items.

It’s important to get a car body repair estimate from an auto body shop after your car is damaged. The insurance claims adjuster will want to see this estimate. Despite the estimate, they are likely to make you a low-ball offer that will not cover all of your repairs. Additionally, once the auto shop starts repairing your vehicle, they may discover more damages than they expected. For this reason, you should not accept a settlement for property damage until you are sure of the total cost.


The insurance company of the person responsible for the car accident should cover repairs to your car. If the person responsible does not have insurance or is underinsured, then your own insurance company might cover some or all of your property damages. You may also have to sue for property damages. A property damage attorney can help you determine how to follow the property damage insurance claims process and whether a lawsuit is necessary.


Your vehicle may be determined to be a total loss if the cost of repairs for your car are valued at more than your car is worth. Some valuations are done according to standardized amounts, like the Kelly Blue Book value. Others use the knowledge of an expert mechanic. If the insurance company tries to assign a value to your car, an auto repair lawyer can help you prove that your car was actually worth more.

If your car is deemed a total loss, a property damage lawyer can help you determine how to get a new car after a total loss. This would include a property damage claim with the insurance company of the person responsible for the accident. Total loss claims can be difficult because your car may not be worth as much as it will cost to obtain a new car. That’s why it’s important to work with a property damage attorney who will fight for you to get what you need.


If your vehicle is deemed a total loss car, then you may be able to get a new car with the damages you receive from the insurance company. The other person’s insurance company may try to pay you the value of your totaled car. If that is enough to buy a new car, then you may be satisfied with that settlement. However, if it is not enough to purchase a new vehicle or if the insurance company tries to make you a low-ball offer, you should take to a Las Vegas property damage attorney to help you get a new car.

Winning With Nevada’s Negligence Laws

To win a personal injury case, your lawyer must demonstrate that the other party failed to uphold their legal duty to take all reasonable precautions to prevent causing physical harm and that this failure caused your injury. All of the elements of your case must be proven “by a preponderance of the evidence.” This basically means that it’s more likely than not that your arguments are proven correct by the evidence presented.

Specifically, the following must be shown in a car accident case:

  • The other person was acting negligently. Perhaps they were speeding or driving recklessly near you.
  • Their negligence caused the accident in which you were involved. It must be shown that their acts were a specific cause of an accident which you suffered.
  • The accident caused you harm. It must be shown that your injuries clearly happened in your accident, and are not part of a previous condition that you had which has no relation to the accident caused by the other person.
  • The losses of your harm must be shown. This means arguing for every dollar you need due to things such as past medical bills, future medical needs, future career losses, and pain and suffering.

Many people wonder if they can recover damages after a car accident if they share some of the blame for the accident. The answer is yes, but your lawyer must understand how Nevada’s comparative negligence law will be applied to your case. This law requires that your financial recovery be reduced by what is found to be your share of blame for the accident. For example, if you are to be awarded $100,000, but are found to be 20 percent liable for the wreck, your award will be $80,000. However, this rule prohibits you from collecting any compensation if you are found to have been responsible for 50 percent or more of the blame for the accident.

At Paul Padda Law, we understand how this rule is applied by Nevada courts and how to craft arguments that present your case in the best possible way. Furthermore, we know how important it is for you to recover every dollar during this difficult time. We have a history of securing the necessary damages for our clients, and we will make sure you get all the help you need.

What To Do After A Car Accident

Your wreck may have completely caught you off guard, and your car crash injuries can significantly interrupt your life. It’s understandable for anyone to be uncertain about what to do after being in a car accident. The most important thing that you can do is to move to safety after your accident, and then call for emergency help. Be very careful when moving away from the scene of your accident, as there may still be moving traffic and the street may be littered with dangerous debris. After getting to a safe place, and calling for emergency police and medical help, be sure to do the following:

  • Call your accident lawyer as soon as possible, and don’t sign anything with an insurance provider until you consult with your legal professional.
  • Give a complete statement to responding officers.
  • Record a list of all parties involved and possible witnesses and get as much contact information as possible.
  • Write down a timeline of events as you remember them and try to do this as soon as possible.

Nevada’s Statute Of Limitations Will Affect Your Ability To Recover

Nevada statute of limitations law limits the amount of time someone has to file a legal claim after a car wreck.

  • Personal Injury – These suits must be filed within two years of the date of the accident that caused the injury.
  • Medical Malpractice – Injured patients must sue within three years of the negligent act by a medical professional.
  • Wrongful Death – These suits by the survivors of accident victims must be filed within two years of the date of death.
  • Property Damage – You have three years after an accident to file a claim for property damages that you sustained.

There are many exceptions to the statute of limitations law. For example, the statute of limitations can be delayed to begin until you notice your injuries. This rule requires it to be reasonable that your injuries went unnoticed, and it often applies to spine injuries or joint injuries that are sustained in a vehicle accident. Another exception applies to injured children. Of the many rules here, a victim child’s statute of limitations may in certain cases be postponed until their 18th birthday. These rules can become very complicated, and your lawyer must fully understand how they will come into play given the details of your case.

Recovering the compensation and peace of mind that you need can take time. Your lawyer must investigate your wreck, negotiate with the insurance companies, and take your case to court if you do not get a settlement offer that is sufficient to get your life back on track. Don’t take months to think about whether you should call a lawyer for your injuries. Instead, we encourage car accident victims to call a skilled lawyer without delay and discuss their options for going forward and getting better.

Car accidents create new victims every day in Nevada. Many of those who are hurt require extensive medical attention for months or years, and they cannot easily get back to work or other activities that they once took for granted. Paul Padda Law has years of experience recovering the necessary financial settlements or court awards that our clients need to move on with their lives. Our extensive knowledge of car accident investigations and the legal process has allowed us to get results that others may overlook.

Your road to a complete recovery can begin today. To speak with an understanding and knowledgeable Las Vegas car accident attorney, call Paul Padda Law today at 702-366-1888 or online to schedule a free, no-risk consultation.

There will never be an upfront cost and you won’t owe us anything until we win.

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