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Las Vegas Construction Accident Lawyer

Construction plays a large role in the lives of everyone in Las Vegas. It causes delays, which make you late during your commute. It creates detours, forcing you to take different routes than you normally would. If you’re on foot, passing a construction zone can be more than inconvenient – it can even be dangerous. Construction sites contain heavy machinery and debris. At any moment, something could fail or malfunction and cause an injury.

The risk is no less significant for those who work in the construction industry. Injuries on constructions sites can be devastating. If you suffered harm due to construction work or worksite, you might be able to recover compensation. A construction accident lawyer from Paul Padda Law will guide you through your case from start to finish. Call (702) 366-1888, or reach out through the online form to request a consultation with a Las Vegas work injury lawyer today.


What Can I Do After a Work Injury?

Construction sites pose risks to both workers and pedestrians. If you’re working on a construction site or simply in proximity to one, you run the risk of being injured through exposure to a number of dangerous situations. For example, you could sustain an injury by falling equipment, through operation of inherently dangerous equipment or as a result of a negligently maintained worksite. Whatever the source of the injury, it is essential you consult with an experienced and knowledgeable Las Vegas injury lawyer that can explore avenues of compensation for you.

There are several avenues you can use to pursue recovery for an injury you suffered in connection with a construction site:

Workers’ Compensation

Like many states, Nevada has a workers’ compensation program (commonly referred to as “workers’ comp”). Under Nevada law, any business with at least one employee is required to have workers’ comp coverage. Subcontractors and independent contractors must also be included, unless they are independently covered. A workers’ compensation claim will generally cover any injury that happens over the course of your employment. This means that you can obtain compensation for any damages that occur as a result of performing your work duties.

Also covered are diseases that arise as a result of your occupation. Workers’ comp does not cover injuries that occur while you are “off-the-clock.” This means any damages sustained while you are on a break or off-duty will not be eligible for reimbursement. A construction accident lawyer can tell you whether a workers’ comp claim covers your injury.

Personal Injury Claim

Workers’ compensation does not cover every type of injury. As an alternate route to obtain compensation for your injuries, you might consider filing a personal injury lawsuit. In these claims, Nevada observes a modified comparative fault standard. This means your settlement can decrease if you share some of the fault for your injuries.

If you incurred injuries as a result of working with a subcontractor or independent contractor, they might have their own coverage. In this situation, a personal injury claim may be your best option For help figuring out whether you should pursue a personal injury or workers’ compensation claim, call a construction accident attorney today.

What If I’m Injured at a Construction Site, and I’m Not a Construction Worker?

Construction sites can be just as dangerous for ordinary people as they are for those working there. Construction companies generally have a duty to warn you of dangerous construction conditions. In scenarios where it would not be an unreasonable burden to remove the danger, they may be required to do so. A construction worker must do whatever a reasonably qualified person in the same position would have done under the same circumstances.

If you were injured as a result of a construction worker or company not taking reasonable actions to move or warn you of a hazard, you may be entitled to compensation. Talk to an experienced construction accident lawyer to see if your injury qualifies for compensation.

You May Be Able to Recover Compensation After Construction is Complete

Even after construction is complete, you can still suffer from an injury. Structures that were improperly built can tip or lean, causing collisions. Flooring that was not installed correctly can cause you to trip or fall. If you’re injured as a result of faulty construction, it may not matter whether construction was active at the time of your injury. Through a construction defect suit, you may be able to recover compensation.

To win a defect claim, you must show that another party was negligent in causing your injury. Perhaps the contractor failed to construct the building according to the right specifications. Maybe the engineer or architect failed to design a sound structure in the first place. An attorney who knows the laws surrounding construction accidents will advise you on the likelihood of your construction defect claim’s possibility for success.

At Paul Padda Law, we’re more than your lawyers. We’re the allies you want to help set things right.

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Whether you were working on a construction site or simply passing by one, an injury can cause lasting damage. Such injuries can keep you out of works for days or even months. Paul Padda Law can assist you in recovering damages for your Las Vegas construction injury. An attorney at our firm will fight for you to obtain compensation for medical expenses, lost income, physical pain and suffering, disfigurement and disability, reduced earning capacity, and more. The attorneys at Paul Padda Law have extensive experience with these types of accidents and have recovered millions of dollars for clients injured as a result of a dangerous construction condition. To request a consultation with a Las Vegas construction injury lawyer, use the online form or call (702) 366-1888 today.

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