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Pregnancy discrimination cases in Nevada demand swift legal action. Our Las Vegas pregnancy discrimination attorneys fight hard to protect the rights of women who have faced discrimination and harassment at work. We know that you should not have to choose between your job and your family. Fortunately, we understand how to investigate employment law cases involving discrimination and wrongful termination. We know what evidence to look for and we know how to hold company’s accountable for their actions.

Employment discrimination against women on the basis of pregnancy is unlawful. The Pregnancy Discrimination Act is a federal law passed by the United States Congress in 1978 that amended Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to “prohibit discrimination on the basis of pregnancy.” With this powerful federal law on their side, women do not have to endure discrimination by being forced to choose between their job or their family.

You may have grounds for a pregnancy discrimination lawsuit if you have faced any of the following job-related situations:

  • Denied promotion because of pregnancy
  • Failed to get a job because of pregnancy
  • Demoted because of pregnancy
  • Fired or laid off because of pregnancy
  • Denied a maternity leave

Contact us immediately if you have faced any of these issues or experienced some other pregnancy-related discrimination at work. Even if you’re not sure, feel free to call us. We can listen to you and discuss your options.

Pregnant women have rights. Paul Padda Law can fight to make sure yours are protected

Las Vegas is a unique city; it’s not like any other . People come here for our world-renowned entertainment and attractions. The city can be very inviting and welcoming to visitors. It’s also a city that offers great employment opportunities. But it’s different when you’re dealing with the state’s legal system. You need a lawyer who knows Las Vegas and has a comprehensive understanding of its legal system.

The process of gathering evidence in a pregnancy discrimination case can be extremely complicated. Even knowing where to start can be overwhelming. We know how Nevada’s legal system works. We know how to find the facts many other law firms overlook. And we know how to turn that information into a rock-solid legal case. We will not rest until justice is served!

Hold your employer accountable. Contact Paul Padda Law. Call (702) 366-1888 and schedule an appointment with us. Our experienced lawyers want to meet with you and help you develop a strategy to address your specific legal issue.

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