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8 things to do during covid-19

8 Things To Do During COVID-19 Quarantine

So, the world seems to be on lock-down, and if you have nothing to do, you might start going a little stir crazy. Here are a few tips that will help you get through this quarantine. Start a blog!History is happening right now with this COVID-19 Pandemic, and you are apart of it. Historians live for these…

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Music Therapy to reclaim your life.

Music Therapy To Reclaim Your Life

How does music power up your life – before, during or after trauma? Could this be you talking? Music is my therapist … I can’t imagine life without my music. Imagine … right now thousands of American troops are being deployed into conflict in the Middle East, without easy access to music. They can’t take cell phones…

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Have Friends Around You

Let People Help You With Emotional Recovery

Have you ever been scared emotionally and needed to talk to someone? Did you end up talking to someone? Often, we speak more about the physical injuries and how long we need to recover than the emotional injuries that we sustain from a personal injury. Most people understand what a broken arm or leg will entail, but…

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Music Therapy

Music Therapy for Personal Injury

Music has a way of touching the soul. Every culture known to man, dating back to the Neanderthal has created its own form of music. Throughout history the trend has continued without exception and it has been beneficial. Music is not just for entertainment, it has a way of communicating with us in ways that we are…

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Healing Gardens

Where Is Your Healing Garden?

Recovering from a personal injury can take different forms, and it doesn’t matter if you were in a car accident or injured on the premises of a hotel. Any type of injury whether it’s minor or a catastrophic injury can take time. After the One October shooting in Las Vegas, the Vegas community was devastated. We mourned…

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