So, the world seems to be on lock-down, and if you have nothing to do, you might start going a little stir crazy. Here are a few tips that will help you get through this quarantine.

  1. Start a blog!
    History is happening right now with this COVID-19 Pandemic, and you are apart of it. Historians live for these primary sources during historical events. It can also help you keep the days from blending.
  2. Start and finish a puzzle.
    Binge watching shows on Netflix is fun, but that won’t stimulate your brain. You want to keep your mind as well as your body active during a quarantine. Working on a Sudoku or crossword puzzle will do the trick.
  3. Movie Time!
    We know we just said the stimulate your mind, but sometimes it is nice to just relax and watch a movie. There are a lot of streaming sites these days and some sites are now providing a lot of family friendly movies for the whole family to watch.
  4. Duolingo (or similar apps)
    Teach yourself a new language or improve on a language. Now is the time to keep learning new things, especially with this COVID-19 quarantine.
  5. Board Games
    An oldie but goodie, and it brings the whole family together. Perhaps skip Monopoly, no one really wins with that game anyways.
  6. Talk to your loved ones.
    Everyone needs to feel loved and needs to feel like people care. Call or video chat with your mother, father, siblings, grandparents and friends. Let them know that you are ok and see how they are doing. Now is the time to catch up on how family and friends are doing. Don’t let this opportunity slip by without saying hi.
  7. Work Out!
    What? Yes, you read that right. If you have been thinking about working out lately, now is the time. You have plenty of time to start something. Even if you don’t have a personal gym at home there are many ways to start getting into shape. Don’t just sit there and become a couch potato. View online workout videos that you can do at home and they range from beginner to advanced.
  8. Relax
    Take this time during the COVID-19 quarantine to take a step back and relax. This is your time to get caught up on YOUR LIFE. Read a book that you have been putting off. Take a bath and turn off the news for a while. Try not to stress yourself out by having the news constantly on. Take time to take care of YOU.

Remember to keep your mind, and if possible, your body active the best way you can. Stay focused and learn something new. Take this time to become a better version of you. You can do it, and if you need any resources in your time of need, check out Paul Padda Law’s Community Involvement Page for community resource information.