Recovering from a personal injury can take different forms, and it doesn’t matter if you were in a car accident or injured on the premises of a hotel. Any type of injury whether it’s minor or a catastrophic injury can take time. After the One October shooting in Las Vegas, the Vegas community was devastated. We mourned those who lost their lives and we comforted those who survived.

Recovery from an injury, whether physical or emotional, doesn’t happen overnight. The recovery process begins the moment the accident is over, and you are able to assess the damage. Taking control of your recovery is key to achieving it.

The Healing Path

The path to healing will be a winding one and it may take longer than you expect. Some days it will seem like you are moving backwards. Your pain could feel worse and your stress levels could rise. Other days you might be able to heal with leaps and bounds, which might give you the ability to forget about the accident for a moment.

Moments of healing and setbacks can happen anywhere. It could happen in the kitchen while you are doing dishes or cooking. You could be driving to work and have a moment of peace listening to music. You might even be in a business meeting and break down. Either way, the healing process takes time, and everyone is different.

Think back to when you were a child and sick at home. Was it the chicken soup that helped you heal or was it the environment with the warm blankets and your mom or dad there holding your hand and caring for you? You had a safe and stress-free place to recover.

A Healing Garden to Reflect and Heal

After the devastating events of One October, the Vegas community came together and created a healing garden as a place for healing and recovery. Volunteers built the healing garden in just three days. Everyone involved knew how important it was to give Las Vegas a quiet and peaceful place to think, remember, reflect, and recover.

A place like this was needed. No matter what type of trauma you have suffered, a safe and supportive place is essential to moving from personal injury to recovery. Take a moment and think about a place that you go to for peace. Do you have a place? Is there a place where you can just be yourself? The healing gardens offer people the ability to recovery, relax and just be, even if it is only for a few moments. Where is your healing garden?

A few moments a day can help your recovery. Try to make time for yourself, take a bath, listen to music alone in your car, or even have a quiet conversation with your partner. All of these could help you forget about your injury for a moment, and assist your personal recovery, which is why our motto is: “It’s not about the injury. It’s about the recovery.”