Our story begins with a special encounter.  We met a young man three weeks after arriving to Las Vegas, NV from Los Angeles, California.  He was walking past the office and stop by, due to the location of our office.

He needed support for himself since he was taking on the added responsibilities of his family. Which consisted of an ailing senior citizen and three disabled adults. This is a great burden for anyone to take upon themselves 365 days a year.

I know you might be saying, why is this story important. This story will give you some insight into what we do, and it will allow you to see that everyone can use a little help in their life.

Legacy Counseling and Workforce Connections (LCWC) is a new agency in the Las Vegas, NV area. We’re dedicated to encouraging our clients through education, treatment, and support so that they may become sociable in the community.

Legacy Counseling and You

LCWC is committed to providing socially skilled, reasonable, and proper Mental Health Care in a caring manner by promoting healthy functions. We offer individual and family counseling, substance abuse treatment, group therapy, primary care provider, psychiatry, and biofeedback.

Now, back to our story, this young man took on the responsibility of taking care of his family and being their caretaker. He did this because there was no one else. He felt there was no place to turn to for help in his hour of need.  Please, understand he has no regrets for his actions.  He states, “I am my brother’s keeper”.

At times we forget about the people that have given their support, or we feel that a person can function on a normal level, and not extend a helping hand towards them.  We adhere to the stereotypes of superhero’s when we often forget about our everyday hero’s.  Not every superhero wears a cape, everyone at some place and time needs help.

We Are Not Superheroes

There is no one out there who is completely secure in their wellbeing. We often tell ourselves we’re okay.  I can handle whatever may come my way.  The question is can you?  Should you?  The answer, no.  As with the young man in our story.  Without the proper support and resources to care for oneself, it will feel like it would be the end of the world.

In order to assist him, we provided Individual Therapy, Biofeedback, Case Management and Psychiatry for his wellbeing. Just to name a few. Yes, it may seem like a lot, but we wanted to make sure we covered all area of his health and wellbeing.

We can proudly say that he is in a better state of being than he was before we met him.  He has been able to make use of the resource we supplied him with and was able take vacations, knowing his family was secure.

Getting Your Life Back On Track

He has been able to balance out his life, and theirs, in a way to where everyone could feel safe. To prevent him from having major stress, anxiety, or depression, he has been able to connect what he has learned from the resources we have shown him into his everyday life with them.

Sometimes a little help can go a long way.  Never feel that you’re alone.  Never feel no one cares for you.  Know there is a place for everyone, with someone ready and willing to help you.

Should you need a place.  Legacy Counseling and Workforce Connections is available for you.  If we cannot help you.  We will find someone who can.

This article has been written by

Charlette Smith
Legacy Counseling And Workforce Connections