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Common Car Accidents

Most Common Car Accident Injuries

Common Injuries from Accidents The NHTSA reports that over three million people every year are injured in automobile accidents. The vast majority of these injuries, thankfully, are very minor: cuts, bruises, minor concussions and the like. More severe injuries also result, however, and these vary with the kinds of accidents suffered. The possibilities from a fender-bender, for…

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don't post on social media

What You Shouldn’t Post on Social Media

Although freedom of speech is a right protected by the first amendment, an employer has the right to terminate you for any conduct deemed “inappropriate” by company standards. First amendment rights are meant to protect a citizen’s statements about the government. Any statements made about other entities may not be protected. This code extends itself to social…

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wrong way accident

Causes of Las Vegas Wrong-Way Accidents

A wrong-way crash in Nevada recently caused a fatality. A 34-year-old driver was traveling southbound on I-580 in the northbound lanes. The motorist reportedly struck an Expedition, killing the passenger in the Expedition. The driver of the Expedition was transported to the hospital with critical injuries. The initial wrong-way head-on crash resulted in a chain reaction accident,…

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Pit Bull

Nevada Ends Discrimination Against Pit Bulls

Nevada pit bull owners had occasion to celebrate recently over legislation that will end discrimination against their breed of canine. Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval signed a bill that will prevent local authorities from passing laws that deem dogs “dangerous” simply on the basis of their breed. What is commonly referred to as breed specific legislation or “BSL”…

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