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24 hours after an accident

What To Do In The First 24 Hours After An Accident

Just for a moment consider the unthinkable: You’re driving through the intersection of Flamingo and Decatur, listening to your favorite music, thinking about shopping, picking up the kids, going to a meeting when suddenly you’re completely disoriented by a loud crash and a jolt. You’ve been t-boned by a careless driver. You’re in shock and may not…

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Nevada Workers Compensation Benefits

Nevada Workers’ Compensation Benefits: Beyond Loss of Income

Suffering a work-related injury or illness can be life-altering, both physically and financially. The Nevada workers’ compensation system is designed to compensate employees for losses incurred due to the work-place injury or illness and get him or her back to work as quickly as is reasonably possible. That being said, workers’ compensation also limits the amount of…

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Las Vegas Mass Shooting

Paul Padda Law Enlightens Vegas Shooting Victims on Possible Path to Answers

Attorney Paul Padda gives his perspective on what it will take for personal injury and wrongful death victims to get the information they need to make sense of this unfortunate tragedy, reports www.paulpaddalaw.com. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Las Vegas, NV)–On October 1, 2017, shortly after 10:00 P.M., a gunman who has since been identified as 64-year-old Stephen Paddock opened fire…

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The Department of the VA

5 Things You Need to Know Before Suing the Veterans Administration

It’s sad, but many veterans are coming home from the wars overseas and not getting the treatment they deserve. However, suing the Veterans Administration for medical malpractice is not an easy proposition; it is, after all, a branch of the federal government, which means there are complications that arise in seeking compensation for wrongdoings. That doesn’t mean…

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