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Car Accidents

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Driver keeping distance from Truck in Front


Most serious injuries and deaths in truck accidents happen to the people in passenger vehicles, rarely the truck driver. With that in mind, it’s essential to know how to share the road to decrease the chances of: An accident with an 18-wheelerAn accident with a United States Postal Service truckFiretruck accidentsSchool bus accidentsFedEx and/or UPS truck accidentsAnd…

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injured by a car accident

Can I Pursue A Claim For Future Medical Care Following An Accident?

Car accidents often have a lasting impact on victims.  While some injuries heal within a few months or years, other injuries may require ongoing care for the foreseeable future.  With that in mind, it’s possible to pursue a claim for future medical expenses after an accident.  However, it can sometimes be an uphill battle. Working with a…

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Insurance Company

Questions an Insurance Company Will Ask You After a Car Accident

The time after a car accident is chaotic. While the thought of dealing with insurance companies, adjusters, and their representatives may seem like an incredible hassle, especially if you were not at fault, this is an important step towards securing what you need to recover: financially and physically. Your initial conversation with an insurance representative after a…

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Driving on the Las Vegas Freeways

9 Safe Las Vegas Freeway Driving Tips

It’s hard to travel more than a few miles on a Las Vegas freeway without seeing the flashing lights of a police car either aiding the victims of an auto accident or stopping a careless driver. This heightened activity is in part due to the fact that Las Vegas freeways are very unique. A far greater percentage…

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24 hours after an accident

What To Do In The First 24 Hours After An Accident

Just for a moment consider the unthinkable: You’re driving through the intersection of Flamingo and Decatur, listening to your favorite music, thinking about shopping, picking up the kids, going to a meeting when suddenly you’re completely disoriented by a loud crash and a jolt. You’ve been t-boned by a careless driver. You’re in shock and may not…

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Car Accidents