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Pit Bull

Nevada Ends Discrimination Against Pit Bulls

Nevada pit bull owners had occasion to celebrate recently over legislation that will end discrimination against their breed of canine. Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval signed a bill that will prevent local authorities from passing laws that deem dogs “dangerous” simply on the basis of their breed. What is commonly referred to as breed specific legislation or “BSL”…

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DUI Laws Could Change

Federal Government Proposes Tougher DUI Laws

If the United States government has its way, you could get a DUI for drinking a single martini giving a whole new meaning to the term “happy hour.” The National Transportation Safety Board (“NTSB”), a federal agency, has recently proposed that states lower the DUI standard from 0.08 to 0.05. Thus, while a person is currently considered…

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The Difference Between Chiropractors And Physical Therapists

Following a car accident, slip and fall or some other type of personal injury incident, people often seek the help of either a chiropractor or physical therapist. Of course, this makes perfect sense. Before exploring legal rights, one’s health and well-being come first. However, the question often gets asked, “should I see a chiropractor or a physical…

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PTSD after a car accident

PTSD Following Personal Injury

After a traumatic or life-threatening event, it is very common for a person to experience upsetting memories of the event (i.e. “flashbacks”), increased unease or jumpiness, trouble sleeping and feelings of rage or depression. If these reactions do not ease over time or simply get worse, a person might be suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or “PTSD.”…

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ABCs of Auto Insurance

The ABC’s Of Auto Insurance

Most states, including Nevada, California and Arizona, require motorists to carry auto insurance. Auto insurance is a contract between a motorist and an insurance company that stipulates the amount of money that will be provided in the event of an accident for matters relating to medical care, property repair and liability to third-parties. Generally speaking, auto insurance…

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Don't Text and Drive

Texting While Driving Is A Serious Problem

With the holiday season upon us, people tend to be more relaxed and carefree in how they conduct themselves. With all the holiday parties and after-work “happy hours,” people can get more easily distracted and fall into dangerous patterns of behavior. Principal among them is texting while driving. Texting while driving is a form of distracted driving…

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