After a crash that was caused by another party’s negligence, you may be able to recover compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and other damages. In most cases, you’ll receive the compensation from a liable party’s insurer. To help you learn more about how this works, the Las Vegas car accident lawyers at Paul Padda Law created the following list of car insurance questions after an accident.

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How Car Insurance Interviews Work

If you’ve been in a Las Vegas car accident, the responsible party’s insurer will likely call you to ask you some questions over the phone. Before they begin questioning you, they should let you know the call will be recorded, and they should allow you to stop the recording if you feel uncomfortable. The interview will allow the insurance company to find out what happened from your point of view.

Questions the Insurance Company May Ask You

There are a variety of car insurance questions that you might be asked after an accident. If you are unsure about a question or can’t remember the answer to one, simply let the insurance representative know. Remember that anything you say may be used against you, so it’s vital to be honest and refrain from making assumptions. Examples of car insurance questions that are common after an accident include:

When did the crash occur?

Tell the representative the time and date of the crash. If you do not remember the exact time, you can say something like, “early Wednesday morning.”

Where did you get into the wreck?

Did the accident occur on a surface road or interstate? If you can’t remember the exact street, intersection, or interstate, you can provide a general idea of where it took place.

Who was involved?

Let the representative know how many other drivers were involved in the crash. Was the crash between you and one other driver, or was it a multi-vehicle accident that affected several cars and motorists?

Did you have passengers?

Were you driving by yourself, or was your spouse, child, or friend in the car with you?

Who do you think is responsible for the crash?

This is a tricky question, as the answer you provide could significantly affect the outcome of your case. If you’re unsure of who was at fault or do not feel comfortable answering this inquiry, a lawyer can help you out.

Did you incur injuries?

If you sustained injuries, inform the representative, even if you believe they are minor. Also, let them know whether you’ve seen the doctor or sought other medical treatment.

Did you file a police report?

After a crash, it is essential to call the police so they can arrive at the scene and file a report. Such a report contains details about your case and can serve as valuable evidence should you decide to pursue a claim. Tell the representative whether or not a police officer filed a report.

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