Paul Padda Law Has a History of Helping People Solve Their Problems

At Paul Padda Law we strive to provide high-quality legal service. That’s why we are proud to share our testimonials from our clients. We know that you are making a big decision when deciding which attorney to hire. One of the best ways to find out about any law firm is through client testimonials.

The following is a small sampling of comments from some of satisfied clients we have represented in Las Vegas and throughout Nevada.

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“Excellent attorney Paul Padda. You can tell he knows his stuff and makes each person feel like they are his priority. Highly recommend him to anyone!” K.S.

Personal Injury Client

“Paul Padda is a great attorney that cares about his clients. I hired him and was impressed. Very good in court and handled my case really well. He took the time to understand my case and cared about me as a person. He would be the first person I call if I need an attorney again.” S.S.

Personal Injury Client

“When your back is against the wall and it seems like nobody cares you need someone who believes in you and will fight for you in the courtroom. Attorney Paul Padda fought for me and was able to secure a successful outcome even when the prosecutor recommended otherwise. Attorney Paul Padda has been a former federal prosecutor himself for over 20 years which right away lets you know that he is fully aware of how the system works. These are the credentials you look for when hiring an attorney to win a case. Hiring the wrong attorney can lead to unfavorable results and I originally made that mistake but was fortunate enough to have Attorney Paul Padda take over my case and represent me successfully. Thank you Attorney Paul Padda for believing in me.” A.R.

Criminal Defense Client

“I have used the law offices of Paul Padda Law two times in the last couple of years. Mr. Padda represented me on an insurance claim where the company did not want to offer me any compensation after their client rear-ended me while I was stopped at a red light. Mr. Padda did not settle with them either and the case went all the way to an arbitration hearing. After that long drawn out process the law offices made minimal fees from the settlement and made sure that my car, the doctors and myself were well taken care of.” C. M.

Personal Injury Client

“Paul is a genuinely good man. He has been great. My company has been his client on and off for some time. I run a software start-up. I was pleasantly surprised by his intuition regarding software start-ups. I believe he has become very savvy through personal experience.” J.U.

Business Client

“Ruth is a fighter! I am so glad she was on my side and helped me get a great settlement. Now I know why the firm’s motto is “don’t get mad, get legal!” T.C.

Sexual Harassment Client

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