Las Vegas Trial Attorney

Joshua (“Josh”) Ang is an excellent writer with a mind dedicated to details. Josh has spent many late nights going the extra distance for clients by poring through thousands of pages of medical records, working with expert witnesses and assisting the other lawyers of the firm with building a powerful case for its clients. Josh understands that in the legal profession clients come to the firm seeking help and guidance and, for that reason, he works extra hard to ensure they receive the first-rate representation they deserve. Fluent in three languages, Josh was born in Kansas but moved to Malaysia with his family at a young age. He returned to the United States as a teenager. Following high school, Josh attended West Virginia University and graduated from there in 2011 with a B.A. in political science. He then attended the University of San Diego from which he obtained his law degree (J.D.) in 2014. When he’s not working, Josh enjoys catching up on reading, current events, learning about different cultures and watching movies.