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Millions of people in America rely on Medicare and Medicaid for their health care, which is one of the reasons why the federal government takes a hard line against Medicaid and Medicare fraud. When doctors or other medical professionals defraud government health care programs, there is less money available to the people who truly need it most.

If you suspect Medicare or Medicaid fraud in Nevada, contact Paul Padda Law. Our experienced, knowledgeable Las Vegas Medicaid fraud attorneys have years of experience handling some of the most complicated whistleblower cases. You can discreetly talk with us and get straight answers to your important legal questions. We can explain all the legal options available to you and offer advice on your best course of legal action.

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Medicaid fraud and Medicare fraud can be difficult to prove. That’s why you need someone who thoroughly understands the state and federal laws created to prevent and prosecute individuals and companies guilty of such fraud. If you work for a doctor or medical professional you suspect of Medicare or Medicaid fraud, contact us as soon as possible. The same goes for patients who suspect their doctor or another medical professional is abusing either government program.

Some of the most common examples of Medicare and Medicaid fraud our Las Vegas attorneys at Paul Padda Law deal with include:

  • Unnecessary medical procedures
  • Billing for medical services not performed
  • Double billing for medical services
  • Substituting generic drugs for prescription drugs
  • Kickbacks for fraudulent medical services
  • Upcoding – Billing for a more expensive medical service
  • Unbundling – Billing for several services individually that cost less when billed together

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Medicare and Medicaid fraud cases can be complicated. Many doctors or other medical professional involved in such fraud schemes will often deny any wrongdoing and will have aggressive attorneys defending them. Make your case count. Contact Paul Padda Law. Our law firm was founded by former Nevada federal prosecutors. We know the state and federal laws involving such fraud cases inside and out.

Contact Paul Padda Law. Call (702) 366-1888 and schedule an appointment today. Our experienced lawyers want to meet with you and help you hold corrupt doctors and medical professionals accountable for their actions.

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