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Our Las Vegas attorneys at Paul Padda Law realize people considering being whistleblowers in Nevada and elsewhere have a lot of questions before they decide to take such action: What are the legal implications of being a whistleblower? Can I be prosecuted? What are my rights?

To help guide you, we have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions about whistleblowers. We have also included links below to more in-depth answers to three specific questions about whistleblowers.

Why should I hire a whistleblower lawyer?

We are deeply familiar with these types of cases because we have worked with many whistleblowers throughout Nevada. Two of our law firm’s founded attorneys also formerly worked as Nevada federal prosecutors.

Make sure you protect your rights if you decide to become a whistleblower. Contact us today. Call (702) 366-1888 and make an appointment. We’re eager to meet with you and explain all the legal options available to whistleblowers. We’re proud to work with whistleblowers since they do so much to make our society better. You’re the one on the front lines, taking a stand against corruption and other illegal activity. And we’re ready and eager to fight for your rights!

Do whistleblowers have to reveal their identity?

In many cases, whistleblowers can remain anonymous when they report criminal activity. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) allows whistleblowers reporting tax fraud to remain anonymous. And in certain cases, you legally cannot reveal your identity when reporting criminal activity. This is true for qui tam law. When you file a qui tam lawsuit in federal court, you must do so “under seal,” meaning the lawsuit is kept private by the government while they investigate the matter. If you violate these rules, your qui tam lawsuit could be dismissed by the government.

What is qui tam law?

Qui tam law primarily rewards whistleblowers for reporting government fraud. The Latin phrase dates back to the 14th Century, when English King Edward II financially rewarded people for reporting government fraud. The same is true today. Anyone can file a qui tam lawsuit. Many people in the United States file qui tam lawsuits and receive a financial reward for reporting criminal activity primarily involving government funds.

What is the Whistleblower Protection Act?

The Whistleblower Protection Act was created in 1989 to protect whistleblowers who work for the government and report corrupt government activity or illegal conduct. This federal law primarily protects government employees from retaliation for exposing illegal activity, including tax fraud, corruption and kickbacks.

What is the False Claims Act?

The False Claims Act is a “qui tam” law aimed at eliminating government corruption. The law provides legal protection to people who report government fraud and financially rewards whistleblowers who make such claims. People who report government fraud on the False Claims Act do not have to work for the government.

Can I be fired for being a whistleblower?

Legally, no. But that doesn’t stop some companies or government agencies from retaliating against whistleblowers for reporting fraud and corruption. Laws exist specifically designed to protect whistleblowers from such reprisals. Even so, whistleblowers should be rightly concerned about the impact of their actions.

Are there laws that protect whistleblowers from being fired?

Yes. The False Claims Act and qui tam law include provisions that protect whistleblowers from being wrongfully terminated. The Whistleblower Protection Act also provides protection against being fired for speaking out against corruption and other illegal activity.

What should I do if I’m fired for being a whistleblower in Nevada?

Contact an experienced Nevada lawyer familiar with whistleblower cases. Contact Paul Padda Law. The sooner you contact us, the better. We can discuss all the legal options available to you. We then develop a plan for getting your job back and holding your company accountable for their actions.

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