Are Whistleblowers Financially Compensated?

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Several federal laws exist that grant whistleblowers financial compensation for reporting fraud and other criminal activity. Our Las Vegas whistleblower attorneys have handled such cases and have helped clients obtain money for their efforts. The practice of rewarding whistleblowers dates back to 1318 in England, where King Edward II financially rewarded people who reported government fraud. The same remains true today in the United States. Under qui tam law and the False Claims Act, many people receive financial compensation for reporting fraudulent criminal activity involving government funds or private businesses.

FAQ About Whistleblowers

The False Claims Act was created in 1863 and has been revised several times since then, including in 1986, when politicians significantly increased the amount of money citizens receive as a reward for reporting fraud. Over the past three decades, more than $27 billion in taxpayer funds has been recovered. Some individual whistleblowers have received millions of dollars as a reward for their qui tam case. Qui tam law primarily deals with whistleblowers reporting government fraud.

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With so many legal issues that need to be considered in a whistleblower case, it’s important you have an attorney who thoroughly understands the legal system and the various laws applicable to whistleblower claims. Our attorneys at Paul Padda Law can navigate you through the legal system and applicable laws. Our law firm was founded by two former Nevada federal prosecutors.

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