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Whistleblowers in Nevada and across the country help stop tax fraud, Medicare/Medicaid fraud and other illegal activity. When whistleblowers step forward and report criminal actions, they deserve praise for their heroic efforts. But whistleblowers also need to make sure their rights are protected when they take such actions. That’s why it’s critical that whistleblowers contact someone who thoroughly understands the state and federal regulations governing whistleblowers.

At Paul Padda Law, our Las Vegas whistleblower lawyers have years of experience dealing with such complicated cases. We also are well-versed in the laws that are applied to whistleblower claims. Our law firm was founded by for two former Nevada federal prosecutors. We know how to discreetly investigate such allegations. We know how to assemble the facts into a rock-solid legal argument. And we have the case results to prove it.

Who are whistleblowers and why do they need a lawyer?

Whistleblowers come forward for a wide variety of reasons. Sometimes, internal whistleblowers discover illegal activity at their own workplace. Other times, they uncover wrongdoing involving another company or government agency. In other instances, patients suspect their doctor or another medical professional of committing Medicare or Medicaid fraud. Whatever the reason, we take every whistleblower claim we handle seriously.

Being an effective whistleblower lawyer requires great skill. A good attorney needs to have a comprehensive understanding of the laws governing whistleblowers and understand how these laws work. We’re familiar with the Whistleblower Protection Act and the False Claims Act. Each of these laws serves a different function and applies to different types of whistleblower cases.

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When you contact Paul Padda Law, we will do everything we can to discreetly investigate your case and protect your privacy. The laws protecting whistleblowers allow attorneys to keep the identity of their client private in most cases as well. You’re doing the right thing by coming forward. And we’re here to help you and protect your rights.

Did you know that in 2013 the United States government recovered in excess of $4 billion dollars based upon corporate fraud? There is no better time to be a whistleblower than the present. The government does not have the resources to investigate every type of fraud being committed and therefore rewards people that know of fraud being committed against the government. Blowing the whistle is not only potentially lucrative, it’s the patriotic thing to do!

The principal law governing whistleblower or “qui tam” claims is The False Claims Act . The law was passed in 1863 to prevent widespread billing fraud by companies selling supplies to the Union Army during the Civil War. Passed during the Presidency of Abraham Lincoln, the law came to be informally known as “Lincoln’s Law.”

The law allows private citizens to relate allegations of fraud against the government by secretly filing a lawsuit in federal court on the government’s behalf. Later, the government reviews the lawsuit and decides if it wants to get involved. Because the citizen is “relating” the fraud on the government’s behalf, whistleblowers are also referred to as “relators.”

Under The False Claim Act, if the government intervenes, the lawsuit is successful and money is recovered on the government’s behalf based upon some type of fraud, the relator is generally entitled to receive between 15-30% of the recovery.

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Among the most common types of whistleblower actions are the following:

  • Failing to comply with Medicare or Medicaid reimbursement rules;
  • Billing the government for defective products or services never rendered;
  • Obtaining a government contract through kickbacks or bribes;
  • Schemes to avoid paying significant federal taxes;
  • Profiting from drugs outside of FDA approved uses;

The False Claims Act is a complex law. Being a whistleblower is stressful and can put your employment and reputation in jeopardy. For these reasons, it is essential to have highly experienced legal counsel representing your interests.

At The Federal Defenders, By Paul Padda Law our team of attorneys, some of whom were former federal prosecutors, understand the process and can help you put forward a compelling and attractive whistleblower claim.

If you know of fraud being perpetrated against the government resulting in the government being overbilled or deprived of financial revenue, call us today and explore your legal options. The Federal Defenders can help you blow the whistle effectively and safely!

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