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Personal injuries can occur due a variety of causes, and have the potential to impact every area of your life. At Paul Padda Law, our Las Vegas personal injury lawyer understands how these types of injuries can prevent you from working or even being able to participate in social activities and hobbies with your family and friends. You are likely to be dealing with mounting medical expenses, and may be facing the prospect of additional treatments now and in the years to come. In these situations, we provide the compassionate, experienced legal representation you need, to help ensure you get the total amount you deserve to help with your recovery.

Get the Professional Help You Need in Filing a Personal Injury Claim

The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that nearly 30 million people are treated in hospital emergency rooms each year as the result of unintentional personal injuries. For close to 150,000 of these people, their injuries prove to be fatal. While often attributed as being “accidents,” the fact is that in many of these cases, it is the reckless and negligent actions of others involved which are to blame.

At Paul Padda Law, we can assist you in holding responsible parties accountable when injuries do occur. Our personal injury attorneys are ranked among the best in the Las Vegas area for helping injury victims to get the maximum amount of compensation they are entitled to as part of a  personal injury claim. As former prosecutors and law enforcement officials, our personal injury lawyer and investigative team is adept at uncovering evidence needed to support your version of events, while our reputation in the legal field ensures your case is resolved in the most effective, efficient manner possible. Common types of personal injury cases our office represents include:

We Assist Clients In Seeking Compensation For All Types of Personal Injuries

In any of the above situations, serious personal injuries can occur that have a significant impact on both your current and future health, as well as your financial well being. Even if you suspect your injuries are minor, you should seek medical attention immediately to protect yourself and your rights to compensation. At Paul Padda Law, we assist clients in personal injury claims concerning the following types of injuries:

Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft tissue injuries can occur due to overuse as the result of traumatic events, such as a slip and fall or being struck by or against an object. The American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) advises that these injuries generally fall into one of the following three classifications:

  • Sprains, which involve stretching or tearing of ligaments, which are tissues connecting one end of a bone to another. Strains often affect vulnerable areas of the body, such as the wrists, ankles, and knees.
  • Strains, which involve injuries to the muscles or tendons, the cords which connect muscle to bone. The same as sprains, injuries can result in either stretching of tears of the muscles or tendons, and commonly occur in the back, legs, and feet.
  • Tendonitis, which involves inflammation of the tendon or surrounding area, and often occurs as the result of repeated stress or injuries to a certain area.
  • Contusions, which involve bruising due to damage of underlying muscles and ligaments. While they seem more cosmetic in nature, they can result in permanent damage to soft tissues.

Soft tissue issues require time to recover, and even with the proper treatment can result in lasting impairments.

Broken Bones

Broken bones and multiple fractures are common after an accident. While not life threatening, they often involve lengthy recovery times, and even when properly treated, can result in lasting disabilities. The AAOS advises that there are five common types of bone fractures:

  • Stable fractures, in which the fracture lines up and the bone is relatively in place;
  • Compound fractures, in which the skin is pierced by the broken bone;
  • Transverse fractures, in which the fracture forms a horizontal line;
  • Oblique fractures, which occur at an angle;
  • Comminuted fractures, in which the bone fractures into multiple pieces.

Treatment of broken bones may involve having to wear a cast for a period of months, or it may involve surgery and the use of metal rods, plates, and pins to repair the damage. Once the fracture heals, physical rehabilitation is often required to restore lost muscle tone and full use.

Severe Cuts, Lacerations and Amputations

Severe cuts and lacerations can occur due to exposure to broken glass, crushed metal, and sharp edges, as well as do to animal bites and attacks. Complications that result may include the following:

  • Permanent scarring, along with disfigurement due to tissue damage;
  • Loss of use of a body part, due to cuts that sever underlying muscles, tendons, and ligaments;
  • Massive blood loss, which can result in shock, putting the victim’s life in jeopardy;
  • Limb amputations, either immediately when the accident occurs or in the aftermath, when removing the damaged body part is required to save the victim’s life.

The loss of a limb or loss of use of a body part is devastating for victims. In addition to extensive medical care and treatment, ongoing physical therapy and rehabilitation may be required for years after the injury occurs.


Chemical or heat related burns are another common type of personal injury. According to Healthline, even a minor burn injury can be excruciating painful and result in serious medical complications, while more severe burns are often life threatening and may require extensive hospitalization and surgery. Burn injuries generally fall into one of three classifications:

  • First degree burns, which affect the surface of the skin and can be dangerous if they cover a large area of the body;
  • Second degree burns, which affect the underlying areas beneath the skin, and often result in permanent scarring;
  • Third degree burns, which are the most serious type of burn, may extend all the way through the skin into the underlying muscles and tendons. These burns are life threatening, and could cause permanent damage to organs and tissues.

It is important for burn injury victims to get the compensation they need in a personal injury claim to provide for any ongoing medical procedures or reconstructive surgery they may require.

Back and Neck Injuries

According to Medlineplus, your back is comprised of a series of bones, muscles, and other types of tissues, which run clear from your neck all the way down through to your pelvis.  Common types of injuries to the back and neck may include any of the following:

  • Whiplash, which are injuries to the neck caused by sudden whipping or jerking motions, such as those that result from a slip and fall or transportation accident;
  • Sprains and strains, which can affect any of the muscles, tendons, and ligaments in the upper or lower back, causing muscle spasms and causing pain or numbing in other areas;
  • Fractured vertebrae, which are the bones which comprise your spine; and
  • Herniated disks, which are the fluid filled sacs between the vertebrae, which can rupture or slip out of place.

Injuries of any kind affecting the neck or back can cause severe, chronic pain and limited mobility, and may result in long term or permanent disabilities.

Head and Brain injuries

Serious and potentially life impacting injuries can result from an type of bump, blow, or sudden jolt to the head. As a result, you could suffer physical, emotional, and intellectual impacts which can impact your ability to work, communicate your thoughts and feelings, or control your body movements and impulses. Healthline advises that there are six major types of head and brain injuries:

  • Concussion, which is one of the most common types of head injuries. Movement of the brain within the skull can cause disruption to neural pathways;
  • Hematoma, which is a collection of blood or clotting which occurs in the brain tissues;
  • Hemorrhage, which is uncontrolled bleeding in or around the brain and its tissues;
  • Edema, which involves dangerous swelling of the brain;
  • Skull fractures, which involves cracks in the bone surrounding your brain; and
  • Diffuse axonal injury, which is one of the most severe types of head injuries and causes damage to brain cells.

Part of what makes drain injuries so dangerous is that symptoms may not appear immediately. Anyone with a suspected bump or blow to the head should receive prompt medical attention and be closely monitored.

Spinal Cord Injuries

One of the most catastrophic and devastating types of personal injuries, the Mayo Clinic warns that spinal cord injuries can occur after any type of damage to the spine or to the nerves in the spinal canal. Spinal cord injuries are classified in the following ways:

  • Complete injuries, in which you lose all feeling and movement in the area below where the injury occurred;
  • Incomplete, in which you retain partial movement and function;
  • Paraplegic, which affects the area below your injuries, such as the truck, hips, legs, and feet; and
  • Tetra or Quadriplegia, which impacts your lower body, as well as your hands and arms.

Spinal cord injuries are debilitating and potentially life threatening, but victims can go on to lead productive, fulfilling lives. In order to make the maximum amount of recovery when serious injuries occur, it is important to have an experienced personal injury attorney defending your rights and interests.

What You Need To Know About Filing A Personal Injury Claim

When personal injuries do occur, they are often the result of another party’s negligence. Under Section 41.130 of the Nevada Revised Statutes, an individual, company, or the employees of a business can be held legally liable for any damages that result due to their wrongful acts or negligence, as well as when they default on their duties to prevent and protect others against dangerous situations. Examples of negligence in personal injury cases include:

  • Casino and hotel owners, who fail to make needed repairs or to warn customers that dangerous conditions exist;
  • Restaurants, for failing to adhere to proper food handling and sanitation practices;
  • Attraction attendants, who fail to follow proper procedures for protecting visitors;
  • Store owners, who allow situations, such as wet, slippery floors, to exist;
  • Transportation officials and operators, for negligent actions which cause accidents to occur;
  • Dog owners, who fail to properly leash or control their pets;
  • Property owners and landlords, for failing to ensure the safety of residents or guests; and
  • Product manufacturers and distributors, for selling defective products or for failing to provide safety warnings.

In any of these situations you may be entitled to compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, and other costs involved. You may be able to get this compensation either by filing a personal injury claim with the at fault party’s insurance company, or by filing a personal injury lawsuit in the Nevada court.

Seeking Compensation For Damages You and Your Loved Ones Suffer Due To Personal Injuries

At Paul Padda Law, we make it our business to fight for the rights of our clients, so you can get the maximum amount your are entitled through a personal injury claim. Unfortunately, when dealing with insurance companies, it is important to remember that they have a financial motive for undervaluing or even denying your claim. They may attempt to downplay your injuries, the impact they have on your life, or the amount of medical care and treatment you are likely to need. They may also attempt to blame you for the accident or use statements you make to claim you were partially at fault, thereby reducing the total amount you are entitled to recover.

Before making any statements that could be used against you or accepting a settlement that is far less than what you deserve, speak to our experienced Las Vegas personal injury attorneys first. Our prior experience and our reputation in the field help us in negotiations with insurance companies. As former federal prosecutors and members of law enforcement, we can conduct thorough accident investigations and gather the evidence necessary to support your claim.

In the event an appropriate settlement cannot be reached with the insurance company, we will not hesitate to file a personal injury lawsuit against the at fault party through the Nevada courts. Depending on your situation, you may be entitled to seek the following types of damages:

  • Medical expenses, including your current costs, as well as future expenses for medical care, testing, treatments, medications, and physical therapy;
  • Lost wages you suffered as the result of your injury, as well as any future losses in earnings and benefits you are likely to incur;
  • Compensation for pain, suffering, and loss of enjoyment in life, due to your accident and any lasting disabilities you may suffer;
  • Compensation for family members, if you are unable to engage in marital relations, perform household duties, or participate in your usual activities; and
  • Punitive damages, which is an additional amount of compensation over and above any other types of damages you receive, meant to punish at fault parties for conduct that was particularly willful and negligent.

In the event an injury results in the loss of life, our Las Vegas personal injury lawyer can assist surviving family members in filing a wrongful death claim. While no amount of money can make up for the loss of your loved one or the anguish and suffering your family has endured, Paul Padda Law provides the compassionate legal support to assist you in seeking compensation for funeral expenses, final medical costs, and the loss of future income your loved one would have contributed. It may not ease your sorrow, but filing a wrongful death claim can help ensure justice is served, and that negligent parties are held accountable for their wrongful actions.

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You have one chance to get the compensation you need after a personal injury occurs. To ensure you get the maximum amount you deserve as part of a personal injury claim, reach out and contact Paul Padda Law for help. As one of the top rated personal injury firms in the Las Vegas area, we provide the type of fierce legal representation and strong client support you need to get the most successful results in your case.

Acting as a trusted legal advocate on your behalf, we will take whatever actions are necessary to help you get the total amount you need to recover. You can be confident in the fact that our reputation in the legal community, our knowledge and expertise in Nevada law, and our previous success on behalf of our clients will all work in your favor. Call or contact our Las Vegas personal injury lawyer online today and request a consultation to discuss your situation and how we can assist you.

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