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Did you know there is no statute of limitation for being deported based upon the commission of a crime? If you or a loved one face deportation based upon the commission of a crime, regardless of how long ago it occurred, your only recourse is to file an emergency stay of removal with either the Board of Immigration Appeals or a federal court.

Obtaining An Emergency Stay Of Removal

A properly filed motion seeking to stay removal can stop the deportation process and keeps the government from executing an order of removal. A stay of removal is filed along with a motion to reopen proceedings. In most cases, it is preferable to file an emergency motion for stay of deportation with a federal court given the “final authority” possessed by such courts.

A motion for stay filed in federal court must demonstrate that there is a strong likelihood that the petitioner will succeed on the merits, the petitioner will be irreparably harmed if the stay is not granted, the granting of the stay will not harm the government’s interest and the public interest supports the stay.

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Having the right lawyers on your side that understand all the intricacies of immigration law and know how to employ the procedural tools to your advantage can make the difference between remaining in the United States or being deported.

Whether you’re in Las Vegas, Reno, Los Angeles or anywhere else in the United States, The Federal Defenders, By Paul Padda Law can help you stop the nightmare of deportation.


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