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In recent years, the government has been very aggressive in pursuing mortgage fraud and real estate fraud cases. One misstatement in a mortgage application can turn your life into a nightmare. No one has been immune.

The federal government has focused its attention upon investors, brokers and straw buyers. Because the consequences following a mortgage fraud or real estate fraud conviction are so serious, it is essential to have knowledgeable and aggressive attorneys in your corner. The two most common types of scenarios involving mortgage or real estate fraud involve the following:

  • Use of Nominees or “Straw Buyers” to purchase property

In this situation, a straw buyer is used to purchase property for an investor who may not otherwise qualify for a loan based upon multiple loan applications and/or high debt. The goal of the investor is to “flip” the properties shortly after purchase and make a profit.

However, with the downturn in the economy, the investment properties go into default status and the investor is exposed for engaging in a property flipping scheme. Subsequently, the federal government prosecutes the investor for engaging in a “deception” on the banks that loaned the money for the purchase of the properties.

  • Inflated Appraisals

The value of property is based upon appraisal reports. In cases involving prosecution for inflated appraisals, straw buyers purchase properties on behalf of an investor. The properties are sold and repurchased several times, each time at a higher price through the use of corrupt appraisers, title companies and other individuals. Inflated appraisals artificially inflate the “values” of properties creating a bubble that will eventually burst. The government steps in and prosecutes based upon these false and inflated appraisals.

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When the government pursues charges based upon mortgage fraud or real estate fraud, it will often do so in conjunction with other crimes.

  • Bank fraud
  • Conspiracy
  • Mail Fraud / Wire Fraud
  • Securities Fraud
  • Tax Fraud

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