Grand Jury Investigations

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Being called as a witness to a grand jury proceeding can be nerve-wracking. A false or inaccurate statement can lead to obstruction of justice charges being filed – just ask baseball legend Barry Bonds []. Many people make the mistake of facing a grand jury alone.

At The Federal Defenders, By Paul Padda Law our former federal prosecutors understand exactly how the grand jury process works and can help prepare you if you are called to testify before a grand jury. An aggressive prosecutor can use the grand jury process to put pressure on you. Don’t let it happen! Let us help relieve the stress and protect your rights!

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The first step in any federal felony case is the grand jury proceeding. No matter what type of federal crime is being investigated, the overwhelming majority of criminal charges are brought following a grand jury’s return of an Indictment.

Sometimes, law enforcement will use the grand jury process to apply pressure to witnesses who might be reluctant to testify against the target of an investigation. A person that starts off as a mere witness can themselves become the defendant in a criminal case by being charged with obstruction of justice. At The Federal Defenders, we understand what’s at stake and we understand how to handle the grand jury process.

  • Conspiracy
  • Drug Crimes
  • Health Care Crimes
  • Mail Fraud / Wire Fraud
  • Money Laundering / Structuring
  • Public Corruption
  • Securities Fraud
  • Tax Fraud

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Dealing with federal criminal charges can be super stressful. But with the right team in place, you can have the confidence that you will have your rights protected.

Whether you live in Las Vegas, Reno, Los Angeles or anywhere else in the United States, you need The Federal Defenders, By Paul Padda Law in your corner.


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