Top Rated Federal Criminal Appeals Attorneys In Las Vegas, Reno And Los Angeles Ready To Defend Your Rights

Federal criminal appeals are complex and very time sensitive. One misstep can result in the loss of important rights.

The attorneys at the The Federal Defenders, By Paul Padda Law have a combined total of over 100 years professional experience handling criminal appeals in various federal courts throughout the United States.

If you’re a person that was convicted of a federal crime and you need outstanding legal representation in a federal court of appeals, look no further than The Federal Defenders.

Providing Strong Advocacy In Federal Appeals Throughout The United States

To be successful in a court of appeals, it helps to understand multiple aspects of a criminal case. The attorneys at The Federal Defenders have done it all! If you need aggressive but intelligent representation in a federal appeal, you need The Federal Defenders, By Paul Padda Law.

Our appellate practice encompasses many areas of criminal law:

  • Conspiracy
  • Drug Crimes
  • Health Care Crimes
  • Mail Fraud / Wire Fraud
  • Money Laundering / Structuring
  • Public Corruption
  • Securities Fraud
  • Tax Fraud

Put An All-Star Legal Team In Your Corner

Dealing with federal criminal charges can be super stressful. But with the right team in place, you can have the confidence that you will have your rights protected.

Whether you live in Las Vegas, Reno, Los Angeles or anywhere else in the United States, you need The Federal Defenders, By Paul Padda Law in your corner.


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