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“After my husband died following an operation at the VA, Paul Padda helped my family get compensation. My husband served his country and returned home a hero only to die as a result of the malpractice of the VA. After his death I was lost, devastated and overwhelmed. Paul explained the process to me and treated me and my family with compassion and true dedication. Paul is a great attorney and I would recommend him enthusiastically to any veteran dealing with malpractice committed by the VA and its doctors.”
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If you’re a veteran that has experienced medical malpractice at a Veterans Administration (“VA”) hospital or medical facility, you have rights! Paul Padda Law takes tremendous pride in helping our Nation’s veterans receive the legal representation they deserve.

Attorney Paul S. Padda has helped many veterans achieve justice! There is nothing more ironic or cruel than a veteran that has served his or her country only to return home and be subjected to malpractice by the VA.

Suing the VA is not like suing a regular medical facility. Any suit against the VA must comply with the Federal Tort Claims Act [].

The Federal Tort Claims Act, or “FTCA,” is a federal law that specifies the terms and conditions under which the VA or, for that matter, any other federal agency can be sued based upon negligence committed by a government employee. Because physicians employed by the VA are government employs, they cannot be sued in their individual capacities but only as employees of the VA.

NEVADA VA Medical Malpractice

Although the FTCA is a general negligence statute governing the overall manner in which the federal government may be sued for negligent acts committed by its employees, it is important to understand that state laws regarding medical malpractice will dictate other aspects of a veteran’s lawsuit.

In other words, a medical malpractice lawsuit brought against the VA for malpractice committed in California or Nevada will be governed by the individual and specific medical malpractice laws in those states. This is significant and can make a big difference given that California has a $250,000 “cap” on pain and suffering in medical malpractice claims while Nevada has a slightly higher cap of $350,000.

Arizona has no cap []. Thus, a case of medical malpractice in California, Nevada or Arizona can have substantially different outcomes.

NEVADA VA Medical Malpractice

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At Paul Padda Law, we concentrate on federal court litigation. If you’re a veteran seeking to hold the VA accountable for medical malpractice, any lawsuit would have to be filed in a federal court. Under the FTCA, claims for negligence are decided by federal judges and not juries.

For this reason, it is extremely important to have an attorney on your side respected by the federal judiciary and that understands the federal rules of procedure.

Our team of former federal prosecutors and federal trial attorneys can give you the winning edge! Call us today and find out how.


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